Your “Why” Keeps you in the Game. How to Find it and Be Successful.

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What keeps you going? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work, building your business and growing your income? I call this, whatever it may be for you, your “why.” It sums up exactly why you got into network marketing or why you wanted to start a home-based business.

When you identify your “why” you have what you need to power through challenging times and make sure your business keeps reaching new levels of success.

Why you Can’t Afford to Ignore your “Why”

We all need motivators. These are what compel us to do the things we do, especially when it comes to running our own business or leading teams. Without motivation, it’s easy to get depressed, feel defeated or lack the energy we need to be productive and successful.

The beauty of a personal “why” is that it is what works best for each individual. In other words, what motivates one person may not motivate another. When you identify your personal “why,” you have found what you, personally, need to stay motivated.

Motivation gives you a reason to stretch your business a little further to reach new heights and the stamina you need when things get tough or even stressful. But, self-motivation, which comes with identifying your “why,” can also make you better at your job.

People who have a clear purpose and know why they do what they do have more passion for their work and are more willing to do what it takes to make their businesses more lucrative. Your “why” is what keeps you in the game.

Find Your “Why” Today!

So what are you waiting for? Identifying your “why” will bring all kinds of benefits, so now is the time to find out what motivates you. Once you discover what it is, you can use it to keep you in the game and find more success.

Ask Yourself what You Want

First, ask yourself why you started network marketing or why you started your business. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want more freedom of time and money so you can pursue hobbies or travel? Do you like the idea of being your own boss and having the ability to take your business in any direction you want?

Everyone gets started in this field for a reason. You may have more than one answer to this question, but try to define very specifically why you started network marketing.

Add your Business to the Picture

Now, think about how your business helps you achieve that goal. Does being a network marketer give you the freedom you desire? If it does, congratulate yourself! You are well on your way to achieving your goals and finding that perfect work-life balance. If the answer is “no,” identify what is holding you back.

For example, maybe you need a larger team so you can free up some of your time or maybe you need to start looking for different opportunities that allow you to work with products and people that fit your personality better.

Make your “Why” Your Motivator

Once you have identified what your “why” is, that golden motivator, you need to actually start using it. This involves doing what it takes to actually achieve that “why.” If this means making changes to your business or altering the way you do things, have the courage to do that. As you start to experience what it feels like to fulfill your “why,” you will be even more motivated to push your business forward.

One excellent way to make sure your “why” stays at the forefront of your business and you don’t lose sight of it is to hold yourself accountable with a weekly assessment. Schedule just 30 minutes on your calendar where you will sit down and review your “why.” Make some notes about what you accomplished the previous week and how those things are helping you achieve your “why” and keep your business in the game.

This is your chance to find ways to make your business more effective and make sure you are actively working toward your goals. It also gives you an opportunity to find ways you can be more efficient and identify changes you may need to make.

I use my own “why” as a motivator that has helped me reach new levels of success. If you would like a one-on-one session where I can help you find your “why” and set some strategic business goals, contact me.

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