The Ultimate Vehicle for Leveraged Income

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One of the best things about the network marketing business model is that it allows you to earn an income like no other career can. With a traditional, nine to five job you are limited in how much you earn because you have a set salary and don’t have any way to earn more, regardless of how much you work. This isn’t the case within the network marketing space.

As a network marketer, you are free to set your own hours and earn more money. You can work less and earn more, which gives you the chance to live the ultimate freedom lifestyle. With a single effort, you could earn money while you aren’t even working.

Understand How it Works

If you really want to earn a leveraged income, you need to fully understand this model. You need to know what is required to earn what you want to and then to make your business grow.

Before you take advantage of an opportunity or choose a company to work with, learn all you can about how you will make money. Understand what efforts are required of you, how team members fit into the strategy and how much room for growth you will have.

You also need to understand that creating a career based on leveraged income is all about finding ways to make your efforts continue to make a profit. You need to get into the mindset that to make this work, you need to focus your efforts on things that will keep bringing returns on your investments.

Do your Due Diligence

You also need to do your homework on choosing the right network marketing opportunity. Not all opportunities are the same, and some will be a better fit for you than others will be. Knowing how to do proper due diligence is an extremely valuable skill that will serve you well throughout your entire career.

Doing your homework means investigating companies, processes, income models, sales approaches and other aspects of an opportunity before you jump in. My book, “Creating Freedom: What You Need to Know to be Successful in Network Marketing,” is a complete guide to doing your due diligence so you can enjoy passive income.

Identify and then Use all the Resources You Can

The best network marketers know how to use all the resources they have to create a leveraged income. They know how to delegate to team members, make a business efficient and lucrative and how to use their assets to their fullest potential.

The first step in being able to do this is learning to recognize the resources you can use. Don’t underestimate the power of team members, trainings, conferences, business coaches and marketing tools. All of these things can be used to make your work load lighter, and your income higher.

Using resources to their fullest potential also involves using them strategically to grow your business and your income. Learn how you can use these tools in the most valuable ways possible.

There’s no question that there is incredible power behind network marketing. When you understand what it takes to make more money, do your due diligence and know how to use resources to their fullest potential, you can enjoy a level of freedom you have never had before.

With leveraged income you have complete control over your income, how much you make, what direction your business takes and what kind of lifestyle you live. If you are interested in learning more about how you can make network marketing the ultimate vehicle for your own leveraged income, contact me. I help network marketers and business leaders develop strategies that will help them be more successful.


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Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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