What Does Freedom Mean To You?

More money to wash away your worries...

More time to relax into what you love...

More energy to dive into your passion...

Discover how to make your freedom a reality

Hola, I’m Deborah!

I’m a Wealth Creation Mentor who has built a multi-million-dollar portfolio through real estate investments funded by my health and wellness businesses – all while raising a family.

Along the way I’ve inspired and guided hundreds of people on their own wealth creation journeys.

It’s time for you to have a happy, healthy family life, fulfilling career and become debt-free while doing it.

I can show you how!

Work With Me

Divine Life Design

Create a wealth creation plan with a step-by-step blueprint you can follow

Paradise VIP Retreat

3-day in-person Paradise VIP Retreat in vibrant Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Creating Freedom Book

Roadmap to understanding network marketing: types of companies, structures, & benefits 

Massive Bank Account Course

Grow your business for higher profits so you can live a truly rich life in every way 


Lisa Larter, Social Media & Business Strategist

“Deborah MacDonald is one of those people who exudes integrity, professionalism and judgment in how she interacts with others. She is always professional and knowledgeable in the service she provides, and always willing to go above and beyond to find the right solution for you. 

Deborah demonstrates sincere care for her clients and the individuals she supports. She leads by example and is someone who always puts the thoughts and care of others ahead of herself.”

Stacey Broder, Women’s Personal Empowerment Mentor

“Deborah is simply a powerhouse. The breadth and depth of her business acumen along with her commitment to embody what she teaches makes her an exceptional leader. If you’re looking for leadership to flawlessly weave together a thriving business with a freedom lifestyle, Deborah is the obvious choice.

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