Tips for Maintaining this Secret Ingredient for Success

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Motivation is a key ingredient for success. Without motivation, you will lack the drive, passion, dedication and desire you need to make your business successful. We hear all the time how important it is to have motivation as a network marketer, but how do you get that valuable ingredient?

There are all kinds of ways you can gain motivation, but here are a few of my favorites.

Identify Your “Why” and Remember It

If you’ve worked with me, you know I encourage clients and other network marketers to find their “why.” This means identifying what makes them tick, what drives them and what got them started with network marketing.

Financial freedom, time to spend with family and the ability to work whenever and wherever you want are just a few of the things that drive network marketers. You could be motivated to do network marketing for any number of reasons. Whatever your “why” is, identify it and then remember it. As you remember your “why,” motivation will follow.

Take Just One Step

Looking at business plans, major goals and long to-do lists is overwhelming for anyone. Have you ever felt paralyzed when you had so much to do but just didn’t know where to start?

Instead of worrying about the big picture, take things just one step at a time. Take on just one goal this month, focus on the first item on your to-do list or work on just one part of your business plan. Once you get started and get into a groove of crossing things off your list, you’ll be amazed at how much motivation you’ll gain.

Hold Each Other Accountable

Your team members can be your biggest allies when it comes to staying motivated. Keep each other motivated so your entire team will be more motivated and productive, and everyone will become more effective at what they do.

Work toward goals together and report to each other on your success or let team members set their own goals and then touch base with each other so they can provide support and encouragement.

Sometimes all it takes to get started and gain motivation is some accountability. When we feel that others are counting on us and depending on our help to succeed, we seem to stay more motivated.

Don’t Squash Your own Motivation

You can sabotage your own business when you let lack of motivation get in your way. Avoid squashing your own motivation, and build it up instead, by avoiding thinking or talking negatively about your business, goals or network marketing efforts. These kinds of thoughts will zap away your motivation and can inhibit your efforts to the point that your business won’t be successful.

Visualize Success

Envisioning what success will look like can be very powerful. Thinking about what your business, project or life will look like when you accomplish a goal can give you strong motivation to do what it takes to get things done.

Think about how your business or life will be changed for the better when you achieve things. This could mean envisioning a higher income, more time to spend with your family, a bigger business or any other kind of accomplishment.

Make this vision of success your driving force and the key to unlocking your motivation. Whenever you need a motivational boost, think about your image of success.

Allow for Self-Appreciation

Self-appreciation can also go a long way in helping you gain and maintain motivation. Give yourself permission and time to recognize your successes and the progress you are making.

Do this informally by taking a few minutes at the end of the day to look at your completed to-do list or do it more formally by keeping a journal of the strides your business takes.

If you work with a team regularly, make it a habit to verbally recognize team members’ efforts and successes to build motivation and unity.

Building motivation isn’t always easy, but it does always bring results. With more motivation you will be a better network marketer, earn a higher income and find more success.

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