How to Build Unity in your Team and Propel it to Success

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As a business coach, one of the most common questions people ask me is how they can make their network marketing teams more successful. Working with your team and transforming it into a well-oiled business machine that brings success for your business is essential if you want to do well in this industry.

Think about all the successful teams you know of: Olympic teams, national sports teams, business teams, network marketing teams, research team and even entire businesses. I guarantee that one of the most important ingredients to their success is unity.

Even though you may not be running a relay race or conducting in-depth scientific research, you can use the unity ingredient to find success for your own business.

Agree on Goals

Start building unity among your teammates by agreeing on goals together. To achieve success, everyone must be on the same page and want to achieve the same things. This isn’t possible unless everyone decides together what they want to achieve.

Define what success is to you and what you all want to see your team accomplish. Go in depth with your goals. Don’t just settle for “increase sales.” Set measurable goals by setting a goal of how many sales you want to make within a set period of time. These kinds of goals lead to more action and greater overall success.

Strategize Together

No one likes to be told what to do. The most successful and unified teams strategize together. They aren’t run by a leader who decides what the team will accomplish and how it will do it.

Once you’ve set your goals, have a strategy session where you lay out exactly how you will move forward as a group. Your strategy needs to include all team members and take into account what everyone can contribute. It should also be in alignment with your goals so you can make them a reality.

Create Essential Roles

As you strategize, essential roles will likely emerge. Someone will need to take the lead on updating your website, a few members may be in charge of planning a networking event and others may be skilled at finding leads and developing personalized pitches.

Create those kinds of roles that are essential to the group’s success and then make sure each team member takes on a roll. Take people’s skills, background, education and experience into account and decide who can best conquer each task.

When you magnify each person’s strengths, your entire team will be successful. This approach will also ensure that everyone takes ownership of the strategy and goals and is working for the group’s success.

As each team member feels that his or her role is essential to the team’s success, unity will grow. Everyone will work together, bringing their skills together, to reach your business’ goals.

Celebrate Together

Just as it is important that you set goals, strategize and work together, you should also celebrate together! Celebrating when you reach benchmarks, achieve goals or make big strides in growing your business is important when it comes to staying motivated, but it’s also a big part of fostering unity.

Teams that celebrate together gain a sense of camaraderie as they get to know each other outside of work. It lets people develop real friendships, beyond their professional connections, which makes way for a stronger team.

Building unity among your team members is absolutely vital if you want to make more sales and increase your income. There are so many ways to build unity, but these are a few of my favorite and tried-and-true unity-building techniques.

I work with business leaders, teams and network marketers everywhere by helping them find ways to make their businesses more successful and earn a passive income. If you are interested in finding out how you can make your business more successful, contact me.

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