How to Beat Rejection so it Doesn’t Take Over Your Business

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Unfortunately, rejection is part of business, sales and entrepreneurship. Regardless of what kind of product or service business you’re in, we all get rejected at some point or another. The key is to beat it so it doesn’t take over your business.

The Hidden Problem with Rejection

Rejection doesn’t feel good, but its negative effects go further than that. When you lose a sale, get turned down or an idea doesn’t go through, you risk decreasing your business’ power.

When you face rejection, your ambition and drive weaken. Rejection can make us feel less successful and even cause us to stop trying so hard to grow our businesses.

Think of it like this: your business thrives on your passion and ambition. It requires your action, energy and dedication to move forward, make more money and boost your career.

Every time you let rejection get the best of you, it slows down your energy. It makes your business lag, it decreases your dedication and eventually, it will take over your business and inhibit your success.

Beat Rejection Now

But, there are ways to beat rejection so it doesn’t take over your business.

Conquer Fear of Rejection

Whether you have been rejected as a business owner, sales person or entrepreneur, or not, you may have a fear of rejection. Even that fear can be damaging to your business because it can hold you back from pursuing valuable opportunities.

The best way to conquer fear of rejection is to realize that rejection does happen, but it’s not devastating. Sure, it’s not fun and can leave you feeling down for a bit, but it doesn’t have to have the power to weaken your business.

Adopt this attitude to prevent even the fear of rejection from taking over.

Don’t Take it Personally

The number-one way to beat rejection is to avoid taking it personally. Remember, your business, product or sale was rejected. You weren’t rejected. When you pitch a product and you can’t close a sale, it’s not personal.

Rejection normally comes when a customer or prospect just doesn’t feel your product is right for her or him. Instead of thinking you were rejected, realize that your product, price or idea wasn’t the right fit.

This takes practice, but when you can distance yourself from rejection, it can’t get the best of your business. Learning not to take rejection personally is one of the most valuable success secrets out there.

Look for the Opportunity

What would you say if I told you rejection almost always brings opportunity?

While this idea is counterintuitive, it can be used to beat rejection. When rejection comes your way, don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, look for the opportunity in the situation.

In many cases, rejection can help you rethink your sales pitch, weed out leads that won’t convert into customers, find ways to enhance your product line and even help you learn how to more accurately identify potential customers.

Don’t Identify With Rejection

Finally, don’t let rejection become a part of who you are.  Even if you face several rejections throughout your career, rejection is not who you are.

Remember that rejection is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your business. In fact, if you let it, your business won’t grow, your income will decrease and your career will suffer.

We all face rejection at some time, but these tips can help you fight it so it won’t damage your business efforts. I work with entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals to help them set and achieve goals, without letting rejection get in the way.

If you are interested in learning how to make your business more successful so you can work less and earn more, contact me.

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