The 7 People you Need on your Team Today

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As a network marketing professional, you know that success comes when you have a good team. When everyone is working together, striving for the same goals and putting in their all, the entire team benefits. But, the foundation of a good team is made up of the individual members.

Everyone brings something different to the table and the best teams are made up of people who can bring different viewpoints, backgrounds, ideas and talents to help the group succeed.

An important part of business building is forming teams that can strategize, overcome challenges and find success. Here are seven people you need on your network marketing team.

The Natural Leader

Even if your team doesn’t have a formal leader, having someone on the team who naturally steps up to keep the group on track can be extremely helpful. Of course, this person shouldn’t be responsible for making decisions alone or even delegating tasks, but she might be the one to take the lead when it comes to keeping a project going and moving forward with opportunities.

The Visionary

Everyone knows that one team member who has a knack for seeing the big picture and has big ambitions. This member is important to the success of a team because he can help the team dream big, reach higher and achieve more.

To be successful, the whole team needs to capture the vision and understand what the goals are, but when one person is especially in tune, he can help keep the entire team motivated.

The Decision Maker

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to make a decision as a group or committee. When you have someone who isn’t afraid to drive the group toward making a decision, the whole process becomes much easier.

The decision maker is someone who recognizes when the team has enough information to come to a decision and who can help guide everyone toward moving in one direction or another.

Everyone on the team should feel their voice is heard and that they have a say when it comes to decision-making. However, the natural decision maker can help get the team to a comfortable place for making choices. 

The Ambitious Go-Getter

When things get tough, having an ambitious go-getter on your team can be extremely valuable. This person is the one who isn’t afraid of a challenge and who has incredible drive to keep the team moving forward. Your go-getter is the one who will take on any task and recognizes that hard work and dedication are needed to accomplish things as a team.

The Creative Thinker

Creativity is absolutely essential to success. A good team can come up with new solutions to problems, find ways to accomplish goals and think of ways it can achieve more.

Some people are naturally creative and you need this kind of person on your team. Sometimes it just takes one person voicing some new ideas to get the entire team creatively brainstorming.

The Detail Oriented

When someone on your team is detail oriented, she can make sure you don’t skip important aspects of strategies or processes as you make decisions, get creative and take actions. This person has an eye for detail and can quickly spot potential problems that arise when the team might rush through things or miss seemingly small things that are actually very important.

The Urgent Minded

Having a sense of urgency can help your entire team accomplish more and move forward more quickly so that you see the results of your efforts. When someone on your team naturally feels driven and inclined to make things happen, he can help the rest of the team feel the same way.

This isn’t to say your team should rush through steps and strategies, but it should feel an urgency that gives team members ambition so the team will reach its goals.

When you have the right people on your team success will come much more easily. Good teams thrive on the fact that they are made up of people with a variety of skills, personalities and backgrounds.

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