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After reading an article the other day about trust and communication, I wanted to talk about how they play a key role in being successful in everything we do in our life.   

With social media and questionable information out there on just about anything, it makes trust and communication even more important these days.

I remember back in the day, my father would do business with a handshake, because a handshake was your word that you would do something or get something.  

You trusted the other person to do business with you and they trusted you to pay.

My father did business with people he trusted.  He did not do business with those he didn’t trust.  It is one of those things I have always remembered about him.

It is a rule I live my life by.

There were no legal documents or signings.  Just a handshake.  Their word was enough.  

And there was mainly verbal communication as to what you wanted or what you would provide.  Again no long explanatory legal details and caveats on paper.

And if clarification was required then you communicated with each other as required.

So nothing has changed. 

Both trust and communication go hand in hand in having a successful business today.

If people trust you they will do business with you.  And If you communicate with them honestly, openly and regularly, they will trust you.  

My real estate agent is a successful business woman who I trust completely.

She does what she says she is going to do.  She always responds to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. 

She communicates information I need and she never holds back.  And she delivers the goods and always goes above and beyond.

We all need to be like her.

If I tell people I will do something and then I don’t do it, will they trust me or will seeds of doubt be planted forever?   

If I say we have a meeting at a certain time and I don’t show up or forget about it, does that build trust?  

If I don’t communicate changes in my business or not tell them information that is important for them, does that build trust?

These may seem like little things but they are not.  

So that is why trust and communication go hand in hand. 

You can’t build  trust without communication and if you do not have trust on both sides there will not be any communication.

So are you building trust in you and your business, everyday?   Are you communicating regularly? 

I would love to talk more about this with you, so why not book a virtual coffee here? 




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