The 10X Rule Can Multiply Your Income

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How do I know that the 10X rule can multiply your income?  Well, I’ve been applying this concept for a few years and just recently, my revenue soared in my new wellness company that I joined right before the COVID-19 lockdown.  I was a bit concerned that my income would go down, but it did the exact opposite and multiplied almost 10 times!  So, by the end of the year, I’m on track to surpass the 10X rule. 

I’ve been following the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, Sales & Marketing Expert, over the last few years and always come back to it when I want to propel my business forward faster.  There is no better time than right now, given the current state of the economy!  It’s not a surprise that the majority of the population is looking for a side gig because of lost incomes and financial insecurity.  This book is a great read for any business owner or leader, and it’s one that can help you gain success much faster so you can achieve your ultimate freedom lifestyle. 

What is The 10X Rule?

The full title of the book is, “The 10X Rule: The only Difference Between Success and Failure,” and it clearly describes what this rule can bring to your business. It can give you the edge you need to make your business bigger and more lucrative.

In short, The 10X rule holds that to reach your fullest potential and see real success, you need to multiply your current goals by 10. For example, if you think you can make 30 sales per month, you should strive for 300 sales each month, instead! Cardone believes that it’s our duty to be successful. When you are only mediocre, you set yourself up for consequences, including decreased income and a lifestyle that doesn’t give you much freedom.

The 10X Rule in Action

The whole idea behind The 10X Rule is that by aiming higher, success will be yours. There are lots of ways businesses can put this into action, but here are a few things I’ve seen results with.

Changing My Goals

Time and time again, I’ve seen the power of goals. As a business coach, I help all kinds of businesses set goals and then create strategic plans to help them be successful.

With The 10X Rule in mind, I’ve seen how holding myself to higher standards by increasing my goals is benefitting my business. By simply reaching for bigger and better things, I’m achieving more. Smaller, benchmark goals can be helpful, but to really boost your business, you’ll need bigger goals that speak to the big picture of where you want your business to be.

Fueling My Ambition

Another thing the 10X Rule has done for me is to help me re-energize my efforts and fuel my ambition. By recognizing that success is mine if I want it, I have more drive and passion to take my business to the next level.

While I love what I do, running a business isn’t always easy. But, by maintaining a mentality that it’s my duty to be successful in order to achieve a lifestyle that lets me work less and earn more, I find myself approaching my business and various tasks with renewed energy and drive.

Adopting Habits of Successful People

There’s an entire chapter in Cardone’s book that outlines 32 habits that successful people have in common. There is a lot of business advice out there but by looking at what successful people have in common, it’s easier to imagine what you can do to really see results.

These habits include things like focusing on the now, being goal oriented, taking action, creating wealth, and maintaining high levels of motivation. You’re probably thinking these are all great characteristics, but wondering how you can actually adopt them. That’s what I love about this book! It tells you how you can start making changes in your own life and business.

As I’ve learned about these patterns and how to bring them into my own life, I’ve found that I’m more productive, successful, and satisfied with my business. The 10X Rule is part of my business every day. I’ve experienced fantastic 10X results and highly recommend you try it in your own business.

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