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One of the keys to success when1391693_10151933704860546_375326566_n it comes to any business that involves people is having a stellar team. With a strong team, you can achieve more, serve your customers more effectively and increase your income.

You’ve heard before about what makes up a good team: unity, focus and peer support. But, in my career as a business coach, I’ve gained an inside look at some of the more advanced qualities the most successful teams have.

1 – Individual Passion that Combines for Power

Strong teams are made up of passionate individuals. The best teams have professionals who are driven and ambitious and who love what they do. When these kinds of people get together, the resulting team is a powerful one.

Each person feels driven and works toward success, helping bring the entire team to up. Without ambitious team members, your team will flounder and won’t enthusiastically meet deadlines and challenges head on, holding your entire business back.

I have seen firsthand how important this kind of individual and combined passion is. I’ve been building teams in my previous careers and for the last 15 years in my own businesses. It’s about helping others to help ourselves. It’s the win-win environment so many of us are seeking. It’s the recognition we give and also receive. It’s what makes a difference in the lives of others. It’s the part that makes a team become ‘family’.  

2 – Complementing Personalities and Skill Sets

Each of the passionate people on your team has unique personalities and skill sets. Ideally, these work in conjunction with each other to make up a team that can tackle a wide range of challenges and that has the power to creatively brainstorm and execute detailed plans.

To build this kind of team, you need to be purposeful in recruiting members. Understand what each person can bring to the table and how those skills can work with those your team already has. If you already have a team, spend some time reviewing each person’s background and area of expertise and rework your plans so that they play to everyone’s strengths.

3 – Ability to Hold Each other Accountable

Good teams are more than supportive of each member; they know how to hold each other accountable. They know how to make plans, delegate tasks and then work together to make sure everyone is successful.

A feeling of accountability will compel team members to follow through with assignments and work together to see projects through to success. It will make your team more successful as a whole, as each person will feel a sense of responsibility and ownership.

To do this, create detailed plans, hold regular meetings, clearly assign tasks and then follow up with each other. Accountability will come naturally, which will make your team even more successful.

4 – Natural Delegation or Support of Team Leadership

When teams have worked together for some time, they get into a flow and achieve natural delegation. In other words, assigning responsibilities to team members becomes easier because there is a pattern of success. It has become clear who excels in various areas and which tasks are best suited to each team member.

Over time, leadership also begins to develop. Whether you have a designated team leader or allow a different member to take the lead for different projects, that leadership will grow. The leader will learn how to manage the team and the members will feel like they have the support they need to be successful.

This is hugely beneficial, as it helps teams be more successful from the beginning of a project. The members work together and coordinate well so that challenges are conquered seamlessly and success comes more easily, allowing everyone to work less and earn more.

5 – Ability to See Projects from Brainstorming to Execution and Success

Finally, dream teams have the ability to see projects through from brainstorming, to execution and then success. They stick to their plans, even when things get tough, but still know how to be flexible and recognize when it’s time to try a new approach.

These kinds of teams are extremely dedicated and have a track record of executing projects well and achieving success. They also tend to be more successful over time, doing things better, more effectively and bigger and better each time.

Building a dream team takes time, but developing these characteristics will make your business much more successful. If you are interested in learning more about how you can enhance your team, contact me.