Dreams Really Do Come True

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dream really do come true

Many years ago, I became enamored with Italy’s Amalfi Coast. To vacation in Italy would have been a dream come true for me.  So what did I do?

I became obsessed with learning all about it!

It seemed that every magazine about Italy that I came across (and, of course, bought!) was focused on the Amalfi Coast. I immersed myself in studying everything about the region…from it’s rich history to the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. I learned recipes and made them from scratch. I even hosted dinner parties just for an excuse to cook! Three months later, my husband, an airforce pilot came home and said, “We have two options for our next posting…one year in Victoria, BC or three years in Italy. Which would you prefer?” I was speechless and fairly certain that he was pulling my leg.

Of course, I wanted to go to Italy!

At that time, I had no idea that I might have been manifesting Italy. I had hoped to visit someday, but this went beyond my wildest dreams! I wouldn’t simply be going on a vacation. We would actually be fully immersed in the Italian culture for three years. I have to say, this was the best experience of our lives. The amazing Italians have a unique love of people and a truly fascinating culture. We were so welcomed into our community and embraced by our new-found Italian friends!  Yes, we ate pasta every single day, and in between hand gestures and broken Italian, we had some amazing conversations! But, perhaps the most phenomenal thing of all was where we ended up living while there…in the Naples area, just 30 minutes from the Amalfi coast!  Now that’s fate!

Dreams really do come true!

I share this story as inspiration for you to believe even in the things that may seem like only distant dreams.  If there is something that you want – dream of it, reach for it, believe in it, and it will truly manifest for you!  By the way, this photo is from my trip last year to Amalfi… 20+ years after we lived there for 3 amazing years.  I’m still in love with this part of Italy and it will always have my heart. This is only one of many dreams that have come true for me.  I encourage you to keep dreaming even in the midst of all this COVID chaos.  Your life is worth it! I’d love to hear some of your dream stories as well, and in the meantime, download my free book, 7 Secrets to Achieving Your Dream Lifestyle.

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