MMM Wednesday & Quick Getaway

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Something was calling me to take a few days off for self-care, so I spontaneously booked a trip to Mont Tremblant last week.  We got there Thursday and stayed at the amazing Fairmont Tremblant for a quick 4 day getaway.  It was one of the best experiences ever during the fall colours season.

The hiking trails everywhere were incredible and we did at least 10 km everyday. We took the gondola up to the top on one of the days, but hiking up the mountain the next day was even better.  It was hard work, but, so worth it!  I’m so grateful for my freedom & flexible lifestyle… so, now let’s talk MMM Wednesday!

Master The Money

Most of us want residual or passive income.  Why?  Because residual income means getting paid multiple times for just one product or service. This strategy makes it possible for you to continue to earn an income with very little continued work… something many people only dream of. 

Even though, I worked a bit through the weekend, it was so minimal and proved to me that my passive income streams are always working for me.  With the right planning and tools, you can make this type of income a reality.  I’m here to help you do just that, so make sure to schedule a call with me here.

Master The Mindset

To be successful in your business, you need to have an ‘urgency mindset’.  Desires or wishes are not enough.  Having an urgency mindset means you need to be constantly and actively pursuing your goals in order to reach the highest levels of success, and learn to reach inside yourself to find what you already have to be successful. 

I consistently work on my personal development to better myself and be that role model for others.  Just today, I did a ‘tapping’ session with one of my mentors, and it was amazing! 

Master The Marketing

Are you using social media properly as a marketing platform? While social media can be very effective in marketing your product, there are pitfalls that can have a detrimental impact. 

Here’s a quick tip for you:  Always create interest. The purpose of using social media is to create curiosity to attract people to you.  The less you reveal, the better.  It is the same thing as with a phone message or a text.  However, with social media you reach out to so many more people. 

By creating interest, people are naturally moved to ask one of the following: how, why, where, when, who, or what?  If you’d like more tips, jump over to my blog post on social media.

“Move fast.  A sense of urgency is the one thing you can develop that will separate you from everyone else. When you get a good idea, do it now.”  – Brian Tracy 


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