5 Social Media Tips to Stop Killing Your Business

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How to properly use social media to successfully promote your business is on the minds of every network marketing professionals or home business entrepreneurs.


Because we all exhaust our warm list and now we have to go to the cold market to attract new customers and business prospects.

So this subject comes up at most network marketing conventions. 

There are expert panels on it, gurus that speak to it, demonstrations, and training that you can buy.  The use of Social Media is strongly promoted by all the leaders including Eric Worre and the members of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANWP).

And yet, with all this information out there, people still don’t get it. 

They don’t apply it correctly. As a direct consequence they lose potential customers and prospects. 

In fact they drive them away!

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In or other vehicles, there are guidelines on how to promote your business in order to attract more customers and business prospects.

Lets look at this more closely.  Here are some very simple things to consider.

1.  Always create interest. 

The purpose of using Social Media is to create interest and therefor attract people to you.  The less you reveal, the better.  It is the same thing as with a phone message or a text.  However, with social media you reach out to so many more people. By creating interest, people are naturally moved to ask one of the following: How, Why, Where, When, Who, or What?

“I love my lifestyle.  I can work from anywhere and at anytime.  Can you guess where I am from this picture?”

2.  Promote results and benefits, not products.

I have seen this far too often where someone is promoting their business products with pictures and stating how amazing they are.  This is normally seen as selling and turns people away.  The better approach is to promote the result you have attained by using the products (without mentioning them).  If people are interested they will ask you about the products.  By promoting results you are creating interest.

“This new programme I am on really works.  I feel better than ever and lost over 20 lbs in just under 4 weeks.”

3.  Take the discussion off line. 

From your post, people may ask for more information.  This is where you want to take them off-line and use messenger, texting or even a phone call to discuss your business in more detail.  If you respond with an answer on the social media site, it will or may destroy the interest you have created in others.

“Thank you Bill for your comments. I’ll message you to give you more information and answer your question:) 

Once you are off line, you can find out more about the person and what really interests them.  You can then send them to other sites and forward videos if they are searching for more info.

4.  Be consistent with your messaging. 

Yes you have to be consistent with your messaging and not jump back into bad habits.  Keep your products off the site. Keep your posts short and to the point.  No one wants to read or listen to a long drawn out posts. People just don’t have the time.

You should post at least one interest message every day. If you prefer video, then use video every day.  People will get use to seeing your video  message every morning and will then start to look for it on a regular basis.

5.  Be yourself. 

Don’t try to be someone you are not.  Be real, authentic with your posts.  If you normally use humour, then continue to do so in your posts.  Be patient.  Always be positive.  Always compliment the people that respond.  Tell your story because your story will have more impact than your business or your products on people.

And remember, prospecting is like fishing, you don’t get a bite every time and you may need to change the bait (post) every so often.

There are many more guidelines on using Social Media, like developing your own brand that will also attract people to follow you. 

But the ones I have mentioned above go a long way in helping you become more successful with using Social Media, and getting the results you want!

Social Media can be an asset or a liability. 

It is just another tool, but a tool that must be used properly if you want to achieve the results you desire. 

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” – Dave Willis

About the author 

Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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