Letting Go

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Letting Go

We have all heard this statement over the years – just let it go! 

Whether it is about bad things that happened to us yesterday or even today, we can hang onto those damaging experiences and the related feelings for a very long time and perhaps for our entire life. 

Consequently, those feelings can have a huge impact on us in very many ways.

So I thought I would share with you a book I am reading called, Letting Go – The Pathway of Surrender, by David R. Hawkins, MD, PHD.  It has opened my eyes to the benefits of letting go in all areas of my life.

In this book, Hawkins clearly explains the negative impact there is on our life from not letting go of  ‘our stuff’ whether it concerns emotions, relationships, life goals, physical and mental health, or the relationship between mind and body. 

By not letting go, we can think small, be negative, make ourselves sick, and become toxic. 

Nobody really wants to be that way, yet subconsciously we are impacted by not letting go.  He states that “Letting Go is like the sudden cessation of an inner pressure or the dropping of a weight. 

It is accompanied by a sudden feeling of relief and lightness, with an increased happiness and freedom. It is an actual mechanism of the mind, and everyone has experienced it on occasion.”

Here are 3 main points that I got out of reading this book:
  1. We carry around with us accumulated negative feelings, attitudes and beliefs, which makes us miserable. 
  2. To let go of our negative beliefs, we have to stop resisting the positive belief and emotions.
  3. By letting go, we deal with our fears, grief, anger and work towards love, peace and self-empowerment.
This book identifies many things that we need to let go of in life. 

It makes you think of every aspect, both conscious and sub-conscious, that can be affected by not letting go. 

Hawkins explains the mechanism of letting go and surrendering so that you are free of your negative feelings.  And by following his direction, you too can enjoy the benefits of letting go.

I believe his book is for everyone because we are all holding onto something that we need to let go of.  So I highly recommend it, so that you can rid yourself of your negative thoughts, have inner peace and have a healthier and more productive mindset.

There is so much to this book, that I could go on and on about what it really offers us if we take action.  So if you want to learn more on my findings, feel free to send me an email to dm@www.deborahmacdonald.com



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