Habit Your Way

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habits your way
Today is not about “have your way” but instead “habit your way!”

Habits.  Some are good, some are bad, some are effective and some are totally ineffective.

“Good habits are formed. Bad habits we fall into.” – Source unknown

Some we have to write down to follow them, initially. 

Some are in our sub-conscious and we do them automatically without even thinking.

Ever driven away from your home and thought, did I lock the front door, only to drive back to find out that you did?  Your habit of locking the door before you leave is in your subconscious.

So what is a habit anyway? 

Well it is defined as an acquired behavioural pattern regularly followed until it becomes almost involuntary.  

For example, walking on the left side of the road facing traffic is habit we learn at an early age.  Or looking both directions before crossing the street is another one. Or locking the front door when you leave home.

Your habits can have a positive or negative impact on your life and your business.

Are you in the habit of watching too much television, eating the wrong foods and not exercising? 

What about not following your daily mode of operation, always being late, not following up with your customers, not being accountable? 

And what about, not being grateful for your life, or always leaving the toilet seat up . . . (that one is for my husband!)

You know we spend a lot of time teaching our kids good habits (study, health, cleanliness, respect, etc.). We even take time to teach our dogs good habits. 

But what about ourselves? 

Do we ever look in the mirror at our own habits to determine if they are helping or hindering us? If we don’t, we definitely should.

I have been following James Clear for a long time. He is a leading expert, speaker and author on habits and how tiny changes in your habits can create remarkable results.  

He talks about making continuous adjustments to our habits by getting 1% better every day until you reach the critical threshold when magic happens.  

If you want better results, then forget about setting goals.  Focus on your system instead.” – James Clear

In his recent book Atomic Habits, he explains the habit loop, how to take stock of your habits, how to create a good habit and how to break the bad ones.

If you want better results, breakthrough the barriers and make this new year and new decade everything that you desire!

So start now and “habit your way.

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