Take Time To Think

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Take Time To Think

The holiday break is a great opportunity to take time to think – to think about all things including your life and your business.

And believe me, we all need to do this. But most of us don’t.

So why don’t we? 

As Mike Michalowicz says in his book Clockwork,hard work is easier than hard thinking so our natural instinct is to distract ourselves by doing the work.”

By doing work we see results and we feel good about accomplishing something.  We feel gratification.

But we also get into the busy habit of doing the same old things, over and over again.  

And remember there is no growth without change.

So when we think, we have to come up with new ideas, concepts, changes, and action plans, to say the least.

This is hard!

‘Thinking is the hardest kind of work – which is probably why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford, businessman and entrepreneur

And it takes a lot of energy, concentration, and time.

But you need to do it. 

Thinking about what works and what doesn’t work.  And, how about applying the training or a new incentive and some new leadership initiatives.  Thinking about setting the example, finding new prospects, developing new tools and so on.

The most important thing you can do in your day is to think.  But you have to plan time in your day just for it.

Sure, sometimes it just happens automatically – while you are in the shower, in bed in the middle of the night, while you are driving or while you are waiting for your appointment.

You have an ‘aha’ moment.

And it can be forgotten as soon as you thought about it.  “Geez what was that amazing idea I had in the shower, 30 minutes ago?” 

So have a notepad with you at all times or use your phone, or do whatever, and write it down immediately, so you don’t forget it. 

Great thinking can happen anytime, but make sure you still plan it in your day. 

It is vital to you and your business.  

So, these last few days, I have been taking time to think and I’m full of fresh ideas and positiveness. 

In fact, I am absolutely certain that I will meet my goals this year.

I’m also time blocking ‘thinking time’ in my planner throughout the year.  How about you?

Make a commitment to do more thinking in the new year.  Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear from you!

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Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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