Empower Your Team

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Empower Your Team
Empower Your Team.

This past weekend I was in Vancouver to participate in an event involving my business.  Many of my team members were there as well.

What struck me this time was how all team members were involved and focused in helping with the organization and execution of the event.

They have become empowered – whether it was from me or the other leaders it doesn’t really matter.  The important thing was they were. And what a difference it makes.

I was so proud of all of them.

Whether it is your kids, your co-workers, or your team, empowering them is key to their development.  

In the corporate world, I have seen too many situations where people are treated poorly and as a result, their work effort often showed it. It was just a job to them. No ownership, no initiative, and no commitment.  They definitely were not empowered.

So I want my team to be empowered. 

I can’t do it alone. And if they are empowered then I can leverage them to make the business grow for all of us. 

As Bill Gates says, “Leaders are those that empower others.”

So in my type of my business, I really have no choice but to empower my team. For one thing, they are located all over the place and in different countries.  It is physically impossible to be with them to hold their hand.

So I have to empower them. It is the only way I can be and they can be successful. It’s the perfect win-win leadership approach to create growth and prosperity.

So how do I empower them?

Besides challenging them, listening to them, and asking for their input, I always provide positive reinforcement, guidance and mentorship through regular and open communication.  I am never critical of them.

My aim is to show them that I have total confidence in their abilities and complete trust in them.  By doing so, they are then confident and empowered. And they know that they have my full support.

So if you have not done so already, empower your team.  

If you would like to learn more, I offer training and mentoring that may be of interest to you.

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