Are You Disciplined Enough? Part 2

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Are You Disciplined Enough?

I’m excited to give you an another outstanding example of “are you disciplined enough?”

Last week, I wrote about the importance of self-discipline in achieving your goals.

One of our team members and a dear friend, Valerie, related her health story on our team call the other day.  It was incredible how she applied self discipline to achieve her health goals.

It so inspired me that I wanted to share it with you.

We all know that to achieve a goal it takes some kind of short term ‘pain’ to make it happen.  

Whether it is giving up something we like to do, or something we like to drink, eat, family time, recreation time, etc., it requires some kind of sacrifice.

With my colleague, her sacrifice was giving up certain types of foods, which can be quite difficult, and especially for her, since she is a foodie and has a huge following on her famous food blog. 

She was determined to get her health in order as she suffered from a variety of auto-immune diseases and other ailments. She was one of the few that said, “are you disciplined enough?”

Her ‘why’ is so that she can be healthy and vibrant for her grand-kids for years to come.

She began her evolution by committing to a 28 day health reboot which is a whole foods nutrition/supplement program.  She then continued for another 3 months and at that point she managed to reduce all the medications she was on and shaved off a whole lot of pounds at the same time!

It’s now 10 months and she has lost over 70 pounds and feels absolutely fantastic.

When I saw her recently, I could feel her joy for life and she was glowing with radiance.

This is just a small piece of her story.  All I can say, is that Valerie is the epitome of self-discipline! She stuck to the program, even when she didn’t feel like it.

Even with all the hardships and triumphs along the way, she recently started an exercise regimen. In these last few months, she has totally elevated her joy for life!

Valerie impressed me so much that she was willing to have short term pain to get long term gain.   

Okay, a health issue can change your perspective and give you the motivation you may not otherwise have.  

But seriously, if we want something bad enough, short term pain is not that bad to deal with – it is short term!

Many of us are not willing to go through the short term pain. Are you disciplined enough?

“Discipline is the strength to endure short-term pain for long-term gain.” – Deborah MacDonald

To learn more about Valerie’s health evolution, go to her website here. I know you’ll be inspired as much as I have been!

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