Are You Struggling?

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Are You Struggling?

Do you even recognize that you are struggling?  Or is this mediocre state the norm for you? 

You know, a lot of people struggle every day and as a result feel down, depressed and even hopeless.

They are all around us.

Whether it is relationships, business, career, or personal attitude, most of us look at a struggle as demoralizing.

But really, if you are struggling it means good things can or are going to happen!

I know you think I am crazy for saying that.

The point I want to make is that when you decide to stop struggling, it results in change and growth.

Nobody really wants to keep struggling.  But they do because they don’t want to make the decision to change.  

They stay in the “comfortable, pity poor me” zone. Right?

So it means you have to risk changing something and when you change something you grow. It is as simple as that.

I was struggling in my business. It was not growing and it seemed that what I was doing was not working at all.  I was so frustrated! 

As Albert Einstein once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  

For me, something had to change; otherwise I would go insane!

So that meant changing my outlook and attitude and delving into personal growth. I started applying new ideas and processes and researching what was working for others in my same business.

It meant I had to change to grow.  Even though I had ups and downs, I kept going and then it happened.

My business was growing again! 

Struggling  is good for you; it creates change and growth, making you even stronger.” – Deborah MacDonald

It resulted in new successes. New wins. And new wins always result in more wins.

So you have a choice.  

You can stay where you are and struggle.  Or you can make a decision to change and grow.

It’s all up to you.

About the author 

Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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