Are You a Likeable Leader? Take this Quiz to Find Out

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When you are a good leader, you will be able to bring your team together and lead it to success, which will help you grow your business. There are lots of things that make a good leader, but being likeable can help you bring people together and inspire them.

How do you know if you’re likeable? Of course, asking for feedback and listening to what your team members say can give you some good clues. To find out if you are likeable and have a leadership style that attracts people and motivates them, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you Work Hard to Impress?

Leaders who focus too much on impressing their team and everyone else they come in contact with are often seen as unlikeable. If you work too hard to make yourself seem professional, strong and intelligent, you are probably creating a weaker image of yourself.

Instead, be yourself even when you are wearing your “leader hat.” Of course, you need to be confident and strategic, but let your personality shine through. People will like you for who you really are, not for who you are trying to be.

Do you Focus too much on Results or People?

A study in the Harvard Business Review found that leaders who have strong social skills and are able to get results are seen in a more favorable light. The researchers found that leaders who are seen as focusing strongly on results had a 14 percent chance of being seen as a great leader. On the other hand, those that have strong social skills have only a 12 percent chance of being seen as a great leader.

But, here’s where the results get interesting. When leaders are seen as being focused on results and having good social skills, they had a 72 percent chance of being seen as a great leader.

The moral? To be a likeable, successful leader you need to focus on results while still maintaining excellent social skills.

Are you the kind of Leader You would Hate Working With?

This is a simple test. If you wouldn’t want to work on your team, you aren’t a likeable leader. Be the kind of team member and leader that you would want to grow your income with.

To be likeable, you need to have a strong vision, be able to inspire others, be reliable and have the ability to energize and motivate people even when you face challenges.

Do you keep Secrets from your Team?

There is always certain information that shouldn’t be shared with everyone. But, if you find yourself hiding information from your team or being dishonest about any element of your team or business, you will quickly find yourself an unlikeable leader.

Being transparent and giving your team all the information it needs to succeed and not being afraid to deliver bad news when necessary will make you a more likable leader. No one likes to work with someone they don’t feel they can trust or who isn’t fully transparent whenever possible.

Do you stifle your Passion?

The best leaders are passionate about what they do, their team and even everyday tasks. They have a love for their job and enjoy working with others. If you are holding back and not letting your teammates see that passion, you won’t be a likeable leader.

Don’t be afraid to let your passion about things other than your business show once in a while too. I’ve found that leaders who let their personality, talents, hobbies and interests show are the ones that are the most likeable and are the best at what they do.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to rethink your leadership style. I help business owners be successful and offer one-on-one personal development coaching. To learn more about how I can help you become a better leader and grow your business, contact me.


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