6 Ways to Simplify and Still Grow your Business

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Simplify your life and build your business at the same time? It’s possible. In fact, one of the best things about starting a home-based business and working as a network marketer is that you can reclaim your time and get ultimate freedom that allows you to work less and earn more.

Focus on what Brings the Highest Value

To really simplify, you need to focus your time and efforts on what will bring the highest returns to your business. Identify what is “clutter,” or the things you can cut back on or even outsource, so you can spend your time on the most important things.

This first step will help you regain balance and understand what is holding you back from having more time for yourself. It will also help you focus your efforts on the things that will really help you push your business forward.

Streamline Processes

Once you know what you should spend your time on, find ways to streamline your processes. Often times we get stuck in a rut doing things a certain way without realizing that there could be much simpler and more efficient ways of doing them.

Just one example of this idea is how you tackle your inbox. If you’re in the habit of checking in all day every day, you could be wasting time and getting side tracked. Instead, set aside half hour blocks throughout the day to spend on email and then don’t let yourself get distracted by it when you’re focusing on more important things.

Learn when to Say “Yes”

Are you one of those people that takes on way more than she can handle? If you find yourself saying “yes” all the time, you may want to take a step back. Taking on every new opportunity that comes your way is not necessarily the best way to grow your business. The problem with this approach is that you find yourself spending time on things that don’t bring the biggest pay off, which means you are working harder but your business isn’t necessarily growing.

Learn to spot the best of the best opportunities and take those on. Get into the habit of saying “no” when an opportunity isn’t the best fit for your business or when it will end up being a lot of work for little progress.

Spend time Growing your Network

Last week I blogged about how networking can be a waste of time, but when done the right way, it can bring huge returns. Attend networking events, reconnect with old contacts and foster relationships this year. This one habit can help you find more business opportunities, grow your team and enhance your business.

How does this help you simplify your life? It makes it possible for you to spend less time marketing your business and cold calling potential clients. As you do this, you will be laying a foundation for business growth and putting yourself in places that will bring better opportunities, since people love to do business with people they know

Invest in your Team

One of the best ways to make your business grow is to invest in your team. Adding new team members, holding trainings, having a clear strategy and communicating often will make your team more successful so your business will thrive.

The best part of this tip is that it also simplifies your life. You can’t do everything, and when you have a team that you can delegate tasks to, work with to accomplish goals and help you grow your business, you will find your days aren’t as stressful and you have more time for you.

Make Passive Income a Reality

The idea behind passive income is that you can stop trading in hours of your time for a paycheck. Instead, you can spend some time building products and then getting paid for them multiple times. This is one of the success secrets that brings ultimate freedom of time and money.

This year, make passive income a reality for you. Build your business in a way that makes it easier for you to earn income even when you aren’t working by adding to your product line, bolstering your services or even investing in something like another business or real estate.

If you’re interested in learning more about earning a passive income or other ways you can build your business and earn more while still simplifying your life, contact me. I work with all kinds of business owners to help them learn how to achieve their dream lifestyle.

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