4 People You Don’t Need on your Network Marketing Team

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You probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to build a profitable network marketing team and how to make your group more efficient, but have you ever stopped to think about the kind of people you don’t need on your team?

This may sound a little blunt, but what I mean is that there are certain characteristics and habits that just aren’t a good fit for network marketing. As a business coach, I help people learn how to build their teams and then earn a higher profit. I’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to team building.

The Procrastinator

We all know this type. He’s the one that always responds with an “I’ll get to it,” or “I haven’t gotten to it quite yet.” Every team meeting you ask for a follow up and for some reason he hasn’t made any progress on your latest project.

Not only can this habit be annoying, it can also be dangerous for your team. In the world of network marketing you need to act fast, take opportunities as they come and consistently work toward your next goal. A team of procrastinators is one that won’t get very far.

The Remedy

If your procrastinator is the type that likes to thoroughly investigate opportunities or put a lot of thought into decisions, play on that strength. Assign him to do due diligence, research opportunities and do the groundwork and then assign action items to others. 

The Glider

Gliders are those team members that don’t seem to pull their own weight. They glide along reaping the benefits of everyone else’s hard work and are happy to show up when they don’t have any assignments, but run the other way when it comes to taking action.

The problem with this habit is that it can hold back an entire team and can even prevent someone else, who would contribute greatly to the team, from participating.

The Remedy

In many cases, your glider may not realize what she’s doing. Try to balance the workload by taking some time to divvy up responsibilities publicly through group emails or even better, in team meetings. Use a visual system, like a checklist or chart, to make sure everyone is contributing.

The “My Way or No Way” Leader

Every team needs a leader, but no team needs a leader that isn’t open to others’ ideas and can’t admit when he’s wrong. Natural leaders are great teammates because they often step up when the going gets tough and they can lead groups through difficult situations.

However, if the leaders on your team aren’t willing to hear what others have to say, take others’ experience and background into account and experiment with different solutions, you could be missing out on big opportunities.

The Remedy

The best way to remedy this kind of situation is to make it easier for other team members to speak up. Don’t let this kind of leader get pushy or bully others into following when they aren’t sure it’s the right direction to take. Try to create an open atmosphere where everyone feels they can voice their opinions and bring their own expertise to the table.

In some cases you may need to have a friendly chat with the “my way or no way” leader. Let him know you appreciate his leadership skills but are wondering if he’d be willing to consider some feedback, input and suggestions from teammates.

The Settle for Less Teammate

A career in network marketing does lead to ultimate freedom of time and money, but it does take dedication. If you have a teammate who doesn’t jump at new opportunities, isn’t willing to put in a little extra work here and there for big results or doesn’t understand that investments now will lead to big returns later, you might have a problem.

This kind of personality can make the rest of the team feel apathetic, lackadaisical and even passive, which means you won’t be able to grow your business or your income.

The Remedy

The most successful teams feel a sense of urgency, optimism and ambition. They are made up of people who are always looking for the next opportunity and finding ways to grow their business.

You can create this kind of feeling amongst your team members by being the change. Have a positive, passionate attitude yourself and open others’ eyes to the idea that if you keep the momentum going, you’ll be even more successful.

If you have any of these four teammates on your network marketing team, it’s time to make a change. Start by working as a group to create a better attitude and plan of action and if necessary, expand your team to add more professionals who will help you take your business in a new direction.

I help network marketers learn to be more successful, and you can contact me for help putting together a strategic business plan complete with goals that will help you increase your income.

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