What My Granddaughter Taught Me

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what my granddaughter taught me

Today, I want to talk about what my granddaughter taught me.

Just this past weekend, she turned one year old. I vividly remember experiencing first hand, the home birth my daughter went through with a mid-wife, her husband, and her two dogs nearby, all assisting her!

I am so grateful that I was there to assist too and be part of this remarkable event.

So when I look back at the year, I am amazed to see the changes in my granddaughter and how quickly she has progressed.  

This got me thinking that this little bundle of joy is actually teaching me lessons about life – many life lessons that I had forgotten.

First of all, she taught me (or perhaps reminded me) to be fearless in what we do.  

Yes at this age she is fearless and this is so important as it is necessary for her own personal development and growth.  How could she be inquisitive and daring if she was not fearless.  

So being fearless is necessary for all of us, if we want to progress in life.

With hugs and kisses, she taught me unconditional love.  

Her love is so genuine and unconstrained.  Should we not be unconditional in giving our love to others too and not expect anything in return?  That is the law of generosity.

She taught me to be a ‘sponge’. 

Yes, a ‘learning sponge’ that soaks up everything new to her.  Life is just one surprise after another. 

Children go through exponential grown in their first 5 years, learning among many other things to walk and talk.  They never stop learning and neither should we in our lifetime. So she is teaching me that we are never too old to learn something new.

She taught me to be teachable, coachable and mentor-able.

Watching my daughter and son-in-law teach this young miracle their family values, principles and of being joyful, reminded me that we all need to learn from others and to be guided in the proper direction. 

We do not know it all and if we are not guided in the right direction we will develop poorly and improperly which can lead to problems down the road.  But we have to be accepting of the teaching, coaching and mentoring, just like she is.

Lastly, she taught me to be playful and have fun. 

My granddaughter is always smiling, talking like crazy and having fun. Life is an exciting adventure to her.

Whether it is stacking blocks, reading her many books, playing with her miniature oven, watching the dogs play, pulling the pots and pans out of the cupboard, it is all fun.

And it should be for us no matter what age we are and what we do.  Life is too short and too often we forget to enjoy the positives in our life.   We need to be like her where every experience has a fun and motivating impact.

So these are just a few of the important life lessons of what my granddaughter taught me and/or reminded me of, over the past year. 

I know that there will be many more in the years to come.

So be fearless, love unconditionally, always learn new things, be coachable and have fun doing what you are doing.

Really, it’s the only way to go through life, so I hope you enjoy the story of what my granddaughter has taught me!

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