What Drives You?

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This is not a blog about “Driving Miss Daisy”. 

Its not even about what drives you crazy. 

It’s about what makes you jump out of bed each morning.

It’s about what drives you to do what you do, every minute of every day.

Inside of network marketing and for that matter, any business, this is a question that comes up time and time again. 

Why?  Because the answer tells you or others why you are in the business.

In his book “Start with Why”, Simon Sinek explains the importance of knowing your ‘why’ and the ability to effectively communicate it.

People follow leaders who have a strong ‘why’ and have been able to communicate it properly. 

From Winston Churchill to Steve Jobs to the Wright Brothers, to Martin Luther King Jr, Sinek states the why is “how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.” 

He goes on to say that any person or organization can explain what they do, they can even explain how they are different or better than the competition, but very few can effectively explain why they do it. 

Frankly, “why” is the thing that inspires and motivates us.

My ‘why’ is always been around my kids and being a positive role model for them.

And I can say now, that they have become amazing human beings, who believe in themselves, truly believe in helping others and being a positive influence in others peoples lives. I’m so proud of them and how they conduct themselves within our family, their friends and colleagues and people in general.

So inside of network marketing, your prospects and your team members have to know what your ‘why’ is, and what drives you to do the business, day in and day out.  

And, most importantly, you have to know what their ‘why’ is as well.

“Know your why. This is the driving force behind everything.”

So lets look at five things that may be a person’s Why or ‘raison d’etre’, to be working inside the network marketing business model:

1. The Money. 

For many people, they are just not making it financially.  They cannot afford all the things they want through their current job.  They may ‘stay at home moms (or dads) that want to generate more income to create financially security or they may just want to set themselves up for security in the later years (retirement).  Whether it is for child’s medical or education costs, certainly more income can be the main driver and their ‘why’. 

2. The Lifestyle. 

Today many people do not like their job.  They have to spend time driving or travelling to work, in traffic or on crowded subways, they miss their child’s important events, they are stressed, they are sick and tired, and they want a better quality of life.  So their ‘why’ is to get involved in something that gives them a better lifestyle and improved quality of life.

3. An Entrepreneurial Spirit. 

Many people are “closet entrepreneurs”.  They have that desire in them to build something for themselves, their own legacy, their own business.  That is what makes them tick. So, of course, the idea of a network marketing business (part-time) is a low-cost way of getting into business unlike the traditional way through a bricks and mortar establishment or franchising.

4. The Recognition and Reward.  

We all love attention!  That is why recognition and reward for what we have done, motivates us.  Being on stage, being publicly congratulated by our peers, receiving awards, etc., are all things that drives us to do what we do.  And this business model of network marketing is certainly an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded in many different ways.

5. Means to Giving Back/Paying Forward. 

Finally, this one is emerging as an important “why” for many people.  They want to contribute in some way, to address the social issues that exist in their community or in the world.  They want to do something that gives back or pays it forward.  Some network marketing companies have embraced the social business concept wherein a direct contribution is made to address a major social problem.  Consequently, a prospect may join the company because of this fact, because their giving back is so important to them.

Although I have given you 5 reasons, or passions, there may be others that apply to a prospect or your team member. It may be the leadership that attracts them, or the products themselves, or even the family feeling or culture of the company.

Whatever it is, you have to know what it is and you have to be able to articulate to them your ‘why’ as well. 

So spend time in finding out their ‘why’.  What drives them to join you and your company. What makes them tick. By knowing this, you will be in a better position to help them and to motivate them.

I promise you that by knowing what inspires you, your prospects and your team members, it will lead you to greater success!

“Find your Why, then use it to channel your motivation.”  Jerod Morris

About the author 

Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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