The Influence He Had On My Life

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Guinness  was not just a pet but a cherished member of my family and a source of profound lessons and love. 

He was my service dog, my loyal companion.

The bond I had with Guinness highlights the unique and powerful connection that can exist between humans and their canine companions.

It’s incredible how animals, especially dogs, have the ability to teach us essential life lessons and provide unconditional love and support.

Guinness’s impact on my life, teaching me about simplicity, playfulness, unconditional love, tolerance, and the acceptance of letting go, is a testament to the profound influence animals can have on our character and perspective.

It’s clear that he brought immense joy, comfort, and valuable insights into my  life.

Remembering and honouring him for the positive influence he had on me is a beautiful way to keep his memory alive.

The lessons Guinness taught me will continue to resonate in my life, and his memory will always bring me comfort and warmth.

He was such “a good boy” indeed, leaving an enduring mark on my heart and soul.

My husband knew how much he meant to me so he wrote this poem to honour him.  


He wasn’t the dog I sought, you see,
Yet something in him beckoned me.
His nature gentle, eyes so kind,
A friendship’s seed, fate did bind.

So swift my choice, that very day,
To rescue him, come what may.
Bongo, an odd name, I thought,
In March’s chill, a new name was sought.

Guinness, the Great, in black and tan,
A name that fit, a loyal plan.
From that day forth, my G-Man true,
My soul’s companion, ever anew.

Quickly did he claim his place,
Every bed and every space.
Inquisitive gaze and friendly bark,
He left an indelible mark.

To everyone, a wagging tail,
His love for all, beyond the pale.
In restaurants, hotels, in the air,
G-Man, my partner everywhere.

Through times both dark and not so bright,
My service dog, my guiding light.
Through thick and thin, together we’d roam,
In every adventure, he found a home.

One day, a shadow cast its spell,
Lethargy and a tale to tell.
Cancer’s grip, a fate unkind,
Yet in love and joy, we’d be entwined.

His days made memorable, full of cheer,
A final run, a farewell near.
In heaven’s embrace, he now resides,
His memory in my heart abides.

In Mexico’s soil, his ashes rest,
A loyal companion, forever blessed.
Farewell, my friend, my furry mate,
Goodbye, dear Guinness, the Great!


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