How This Game-Changer Catapulted Me Into The Extraordinary Realm Of My Dream Life

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Ever get that lingering feeling that living our dream life is just a bit too elusive?

Or perhaps, there’s a sneaky voice suggesting we’re not deserving of it?

Maybe we’ve convinced ourselves it’s something for others, but not us? 

Well, guess what? I used to feel exactly the same way!


When I was 20 I had a secret love affair. It wasn’t my fault really, it just…happened.

It was one of those things that I didn’t consciously plan for or dwell on. However, deep down, in my subconscious, I knew (Napoleon Hill would agree!).

I had known for 2 years by that time actually.

I had even voiced my desire aloud once or twice I’m sure, though not with any real conviction. I hadn’t even really discussed it with my own best friend, and we talked about everything! 

I worked 2 different part-time jobs, 7 days a week through post secondary school. Getting ever closer to that which would free me from the mundane day-to-day life I was living.

Without even realizing that the law of attraction had brought us together, I soon found myself face to face with the object of my desire.

A cherry red 1973 British TR6!

I remember it like it was yesterday – Summer vacations with my girlfriend, traveling from my hometown of Edmonton through the Rocky Mountains and into British Columbia, my hair blowing in the wind and the sun warming our faces. What a glorious time! 

That little red sports car was my one weakness, though I was never even really aware of it.

Sure, at 18 I had thought about it, but I never made it a focus. In fact, I had probably forgotten about it more than I’d ever actually thought about it. But somehow, we were drawn to one another. 

The law of attraction would not be denied no matter how blase I was about it.

The universe had determined that we would be together and for 10 phenomenal years we were inseparable. I still miss her to this day. She outlasted and was the envy of many young men in those days (and was, I’m sure, more loyal!).

So, my friends, do not attempt to deny the law of attraction and your destiny. You will simply be wasting your energy.

They will find you when you least expect it!

This is just one of the compelling reasons why I am now coaching others on the path to manifesting their dream life, whatever that vision may be for each of them.

So, make sure to register for my upcoming masterclass, Fast Track Your Dream Life!  Replay included.


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Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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