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We’ve all been there. We doubt our business choices or our abilities as a network marketer and are wondering if we’ll ever see success. But, this fear is the very thing that will hold you back from reaching your fullest potential, making more sales and growing a lucrative business.

When you focus on your fears, doubts and uneasiness, you are more likely to feed into them and spend time being unsure of yourself instead of moving your business forward and spending your time making good things happen.

Fear of Failure is Normal; Embrace it

Everyone fails. But, the key is to realize that those failures aren’t what make you who you are and in most cases, won’t sabotage your business to the point that you can’t turn things around and still find success.

We all know Babe Ruth as a baseball champion. He was good at what he did, became a legendary player and virtually set the bar for success in baseball when he hit 714 homeruns. He also struck out 1,330 times. No one focuses on this number because it’s not what matters. What matters is that he kept working hard, fine tuned his craft and became one of the greats by seeing extraordinary success despite some setbacks.

Embrace the idea that as you work to build additional income, grow your business or become a pro network marketer, there will be times when you won’t quite reach your goals or won’t see the results you had hoped for. But, that’s okay. That’s part of growing a business and when you realize that small failures aren’t the big calamity you feel like they are, you’ll find success faster.

One of the best ways to embrace failure is to see mistakes as a chance to learn something valuable. Instead of regretting them, look at them as opportunities to find ways to do better, make your business stronger or learn to recognize good opportunities as they come.

Use Doubt to your Advantage

Doubt often comes with fear and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you can easily use doubt to your advantage and use it as a quality that makes you a stronger person.

Don’t doubt your skills, success or efforts, but let that feeling of doubt turn into a quality that leads you to carefully analyze situations and make better decisions.

As a business consultant, I help people set goals and start successful businesses. One of the things I help people learn to do is recognize good business opportunities by thinking through events, opportunities and possibilities.

Use your doubt to help you slow down and think about things before you do them, avoid making split-second decisions and act more strategically. Don’t let doubt hinder you, but use it to your advantage by allowing yourself time to problem solve and look at things critically.

Get into the “Success Mindset”

Instead of focusing on fear, focus on success. Adopting the “success mindset” entails actively coming up with ways to meet your goals and envisioning and thinking of yourself as a successful network marketer or business leader.

It’s absolutely essential that you have short and long-term goals and have a business plan that will help you achieve them. Your plan will keep all the working parts of your business aligned so that success will follow.

As you use your business plan and work toward your goals, keeping a positive attitude and believing that you are successful will help you enhance your career and grow your business. When you can see in your mind’s eye what it looks like to be successful, you will be more inclined to act with purpose and stop fear from taking over.

If you would like help creating a business plan and setting goals, contact me. I work with businesses everywhere to help them find success.


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