Secrets to Strengthening Your Team for Bigger Successes

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Having strong teams to work with is vital to your success as a network marketer or business leader. The most profitable network marketers know how to strengthen their teams so they can take advantage of opportunities, grow, develop and see success.

As a business coach in Ottawa I help people earn residual income, and one of the ways I do this is by helping people build effective teams. Knowing the secrets to strengthening your team will benefit you, your entire team and your business.

Know Your Team’s Strengths and Leverage Them

Understand what each of your team members’ strengths are and then find ways to leverage them so the entire team becomes stronger. Your team should have people with different styles, personalities and talents, and learning to use those will help you be more successful.

This approach can also help motivate people. When you recognize someone’s talents and rely on her to complete a task, she feels like a more valuable part of the team and will be more inclined to work harder.

Set Goals Together

I have found that when teams set goals together they are more successful. Spend some time with your entire team and decide what you want to accomplish. Some of your more general, over arching goals may seem obvious, but spelling them out helps everyone focus and move in the same direction.

Also be sure to set smaller goals that will help you achieve those larger goals. When everyone is pulling together to take the same steps, you’ll work more effectively and reach your goals faster.

Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

Each team member needs to understand what he is responsible for. Make sure each person understands his long-term roles and short-term responsibilities. These things will likely change over time, but making sure everyone understands what they are responsible for will strengthen your team.

Holding team members accountable for their contributions will also strengthen your team, as everyone will give their all to make sure you reach your goals.

Stay Organized and Build Consistency

The most successful teams are organized and consistent. Organize your goals and tasks, set deadlines and meet regularly. When you meet, review everyone’s responsibilities and take note of progress and action items.

You can stay organized with group productivity tools, project management systems or just with an old-fashioned notebook. The idea is to keep all your thoughts, assignments and meeting notes in one place where everyone can easily access them.

Create an Atmosphere of Trust

When your team members trust each other they will work more effectively together. You can build this atmosphere of trust by allowing people to take on responsibilities and setting lofty goals. As your team begins to work together successfully, trust will increase and the group will become stronger.

Recognize Contributions and Successes

Recognizing team members’ contributions will also help you create an atmosphere of trust and when each member feels valued and important, they will want to work even harder to meet the team’s goals.

You can informally recognize contributions at your group meetings or you can formally celebrate successes when your team reaches its goals. Taking the time to recognize progress is important to keeping a team energetic and motivated. 

Have Fun and Get to Know Each Other

One of the most important things you can do as a team is have fun together. Taking the time to socialize and talk about things other than your projects will help you get to know each other and work more effectively together. The more you get to know each other, the better you will work together as you learn to leverage each others’ strengths. Creating this kind of camaraderie will also make it so that working together becomes second nature.

If you would like assistance strengthening your team, setting goals and becoming more successful at earning additional income, contact me. I help people create streams of passive income so they can live the lifestyle they want.

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