Remember This One Thing

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Remember this one thing…

Last week, I talked about the one thing we all need to have – empathy for others. 

Why? Because it is essential to growing relationships and your business.

And it is a very human quality that we do not use enough!

There are many aspects to having and demonstrating empathy, but to me the most important one is the ability to ask the person across from you, the difficult questions.

Whether it is personal or business situations, asking questions will lead you to the right place.

By asking questions, I can demonstrate that I am not only listening but hearing what the person is actually saying.  I am showing a genuine interest in the other person.

To me, ‘can you tell me more?”, is one of the most powerful questions you can ask anyone, on any subject, at any time.   

And yet we don’t. 

Instead we talk about ourselves or deflect to another topic we would rather talk about, when it becomes sensitive.

In my business, I am prospecting all the time.  When I do, I ask myself how would I want to be prospected.

Do I want a sales pitch on how amazing their product or service is and why I should either buy it, use it, or join it?

Or does an empathetic approach work better?

Questions about me, my needs, my preferences, my problems, my desires, my likes and then an offer that could solve my needs or wants. The latter always works for me as the first one is a major turn off and has me running from the ‘seller/all about me person’.

Whether I am in a restaurant or in Nordstroms or in a professional business setting, the person that asks me questions will normally make me feel important, heard, and understood. 

And that means more business for them. 

So remember this one thing – ask questions. 

Ask someone to “tell you more?”  You will be glad you did.

If you would like to “tell me more?”, let’s connect and talk.  I would love to know more about you.

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After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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