Leadership Myths Busted and What to do Now

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There are so many resources out there about how to be a better leader. There are lists, books and even entire websites dedicated to this topic, but one thing we don’t talk about very often is leadership myths.

What I mean by “leadership myths” is those misconceptions we have about how to be a good leader. Sometimes these misconceptions can hold us back and even prevent people who could be extremely effective leaders from being successful. That’s why I want to touch on a few and offer some advice on what you can do to be a better leader.

Myth #1: Good Leaders are Born, not Taught

Sometimes we call people a “born leader,” and I feel like this phrase has perpetuated a misconception: that good leadership can’t be learned. This is absolutely false. In fact, some extremely successful leaders started their careers at the bottom and worked their way up, becoming leaders of major businesses.

Take millionaire Barbara Corcoran for example. She started out as a less-than-stellar student, earning mostly D’s in high school and college, and bounced from job to job, having a total of 20 positions by the time she was 23. Then she founded The Corcoran Group on a $1,000 loan and has since skyrocketed to success. She’s a business leader that has proved that no matter what your background, you can lead a successful, lucrative business.

To learn to be a better leader, use resources like blogs, leadership books, seminars and classes to sharpen your skills. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you know and even a business coach to learn how to lead your own business well.

Myth #2: Leadership is about Teamwork, not Individual Relationships

Another common misconception is that leadership is all about developing teams and leading groups of people, leaving no room for individual relationships, making it “lonely at the top.”

Yes, it’s true that leaders must be able to lead small business groups or even massive companies full of employees that rely on them. But, to do that you need to cultivate individual relationships.

It’s hard for people to respect and follow a leader they don’t feel they have a connection to. If the people you lead don’t feel like they know you or that you don’t know them, you will have a hard time leading them.

One of the best things you can do as a leader is get to know the people you lead on a more personal basis. Understand the roles they play in your business, how they do their jobs, their unique backgrounds and experiences and learn more about their hobbies, interests and family lives.

As you do this you will find that your team will grow stronger and more unified, working together as you lead them to complete major projects and grow your business.

Myth #3: Years of Experience is Necessary to be a Good Leader

It may be true that some of the best leaders have years of experience, but they all started the same way: as novices without any experience. The experience you gain as your business grows is extremely valuable, and you should use it to develop your skills, but you don’t need to wait to be a good leader.

I help people, some who have never had a leadership position, start and run their own businesses, and I can tell you that some of the most successful people are the ones doing things for the first time. With the wealth of resources out there, it’s entirely possible to be a good leader without any previous experience.

Of course, starting a business is always a learning experience, but it’s possible to be a good leader from the very beginning. The key is to have a strategic business plan, inspire your team and make smart decisions that benefit your business.

Regardless of where you are on your business journey and whether you have been leading a network marketing team for some time or are just starting a home based business, you can be an effective leader. These myths shouldn’t hold you back from making your dream business a reality and achieving that lifestyle of freedom you’ve always wanted.

If you would like to learn more about how to be a better leader or set up a business coaching session, please contact me. I’d love to help you on your journey to ultimate freedom of time and money!

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