How to Reboot your Network Marketing Team

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All teams need a reboot once in a while. If your team is losing ambition, failing to meet goals, and becoming less productive over time, you can turn things around! By stepping up as a strong leader now, you can avoid common consequences, like lost sales and missed business opportunities, and make your team even more effective than it was before.

As a business coach, I’ve worked with all kinds of leaders and teams. I’ve seen both successful and unsuccessful teams, but I have also learned that with the right skills and some dedicated efforts, any team can reach its goals and help a business grow.

Identify the Problem and Opportunity

Before you can turn things around, you need to identify the problem. What is your team struggling with? Your answer could be anything from team unity to missed deadlines or from lack of direction to lack of organization. Clearly and very specifically write down what your team is facing, or why you need a reboot.

I’m a strong believer in the idea that all problems come with opportunities. With your problem defined, what is your opportunity? It could be a chance to explore new business opportunities, a change of direction to make your business more attractive to potential customers, or simply a stronger team after you’ve addressed your problem.

Identifying the opportunity is just as important as identifying the problem, as it will help drive you to solve the problem while making the most of it, so you won’t put a temporary fix in place and fail to come out better on the other end.

Determine what’s Missing

Now, determine what’s missing from your team. What is it that’s causing the problem? Do you lack resources? Is your team too small? Do you need a more detailed business plan?

In most cases, failing teams are lacking something, even if that means they just need more leadership and direction. Uncovering the missing link will help you understand how to turn your team around.

Create a Plan for Change

With your problem, opportunity and definition of what’s missing, you are ready to make a plan for change. Clearly outline what you are going to do to meet this challenge head on, take advantage of the opportunity and provide what is missing from your team.

Your plan for change should include steps you will take as well as goals you want to meet so you can hold yourself, as the leader, and your team responsible. We’re also much more effective and productive when we strive for goals, something I help my clients do.

Refine your Business Strategy if Needed

Your business strategy should be your roadmap for conducting business. Now is a good time to review your strategy and update it, adding details and processes where needed to help give your team more direction. You should also add your plans for change to a new section of your business plan.

By recording your plans for change, you are making them part of your overall strategy and you’re forced to define steps, create processes and set goals, which will make your plan much more effective.

Follow up Regularly

Once you have a plan for change in place, follow up with your team regularly. Hold meetings where each member can report on their tasks and your team can discuss how well your plans are going. This will also make it easy for you to identify potential problems, make changes where necessary and hold each other accountable.

Regular team meetings and communications are essential when you reboot your team, as they ensure everyone is on the same page and will help you gain the momentum you need to make a change.

Don’t Stop!

Even when you begin to see a change on your team, don’t stop executing your plan for change or your business strategy! You’re beginning to develop some good habits and strengthening your team, and by keeping up these habits, your team will continue to improve and grow stronger.

I’ve seen firsthand how important it is that team members work together, hold each other accountable, understand group goals and are invested in the overall business strategy. If your team is floundering, these tips will help you get back on track.

If you would like help creating a business plan, setting team goals or training your team for success, contact me.

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