How to Make Procrastination Work FOR You

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We all procrastinate. Whether we’re just so busy that we can’t get to everything or we tend to put off those things that we just don’t really want to face, procrastination can really hinder a business.

But, I’m here to tell you that it’s actually possible to make procrastination work for you. This success secret is one that can help you be more productive and make room for more business growth.

Use it to Identify Needs

Procrastination isn’t always a result of laziness. Sometimes, it’s a symptom of an over-booked schedule, a team that’s lacking the right resources or a business that just doesn’t have the leadership it needs.

Put a sticky note somewhere where you will see it and use it to keep a list of things that you consistently put off or just don’t seem to get to. You’ll start to notice patterns or realize the things you are putting off might require some extra attention, an assigned team member or even expert assistance. Then, you can adjust the way you do things to cross those things off the “procrastination list” and get them done.

Make it a Signal for Delegation

Another way you can turn procrastination into a positive asset is to use it as a signal that it is time to delegate things. If a project is delayed due to procrastination, it might mean that you need to rethink how your team has divided responsibilities or even if you have enough manpower to accomplish it.

This turns procrastination into an actionable item that can really benefit your business. The ability to delegate strategically and tackle big projects as a team is very valuable and will help your business grow quickly.

Make Procrastination Part of the Process

In some cases, procrastination may actually be a necessary part of the process. Taking time to let ideas develop, brainstorm possibilities, consider options, make strategic decisions, talk to stakeholders and unify a team is important and will make your business more effective.

When you give yourself impossible deadlines or expect results to quickly, you add unneeded stress and rush things to the point that the results aren’t as good as they could be. Knowing that things may take more time than you expect and that there could be situations where things get put off, add some cushion time to your plans and deadlines, making the end result even better.

Identify and Aim for the Value

Sometimes we put things off because we don’t think they are important enough to demand our attention right away. In some cases this could be true, but by finding the value behind the things you put off, you could bring huge benefits to your business.

For example, if you constantly put off updating your website, you could be sacrificing online marketing opportunities and the chance to keep in touch with your customers. When you look at tasks this way, you begin to see what your business could look like if you stopped putting them off.

This point of view can spread to the way you look at all kinds of aspects of your business, which will make you a more passionate home-based business owner, network marketer or team leader.

Make “Me” Time Possible

It’s incredibly important that you carve out some “me” time, no matter how full your schedule is. Taking some time to unwind, recharge, develop hobbies and let your mind get creative helps you achieve a better balance between your work life and personal life.

People that are more balanced tend to do better in business because they aren’t worn thin. They have more energy to do what it takes to make their business successful and they are often better team leaders and members, because their real personality shows through.

Sometimes procrastination can be your subconscious way of forcing your mind to take a break. When you don’t want to deal with that expense report, take an hour for a walk or to read a good book, and then get back to work with a renewed sense of energy.

Procrastination can be very detrimental to your business if you let it take over. The secret is to use it to your advantage. All of these tips can help, and having a strategic business plan can make it easier to stay on track and make your business more lucrative. I help business leaders grow their businesses, and would love to help you build the dream lifestyle you want. Contact me to get started.

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