How Susan Earned $5000 in Her First 5 Weeks

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It is so inspiring to me when I hear about someone’s success in the network marketing profession.

Many people think that network marketing or a direct sales business will not produce the income they are looking for. That is usually because they don’t see immediate results and then they give up too soon.

However, almost 184 billion dollars in revenue is generated globally every year and over 103 million people are involved in network marketing or direct sales worldwide.

It is a very viable business and income stream for many.  It can supplement one’s  current income or even be the primary source of revenue. It can provide people with a low investment opportunity to build their own business.

So I want to tell you about my friend and business partner, Susan.

  • Susan is a private/coach fitness trainer, in business for herself. 
  • She is competitive athlete and busy single mom of two teenage boys. 
  • She is very busy, from caring for her boys, to working out, to promoting her fitness coaching/training business. 

You would automatically think that her day is completely full. Well it is.

From this hectic daily schedule, you would also think that she would not have the time to commit to something else, wouldn’t you? 

We all have heard from many people that they have no time in their day for anything else. They are on the hamster wheel of life. (I was too… prior to my current lifestyle business:)

But we also know that if we want something bad enough we will make the time, right? 

And if we are coachable and willing to learn the process to build a thriving network marketing business, we can get off that spinning hamster wheel. 

Susan proved to be indeed coachable and willing to learn the process, because she wanted a better life for her and her boys. 

So she applied herself and made the time in her day to do the business on a part-time basis.

Well her results were amazing!

She earned well over $5,000 worth of cash and incentives in her first five weeks. This included a three-day incentive trip to Mexico, valued at $2500, plus $600 worth of free products and the balance in bonuses and commissions.

And that was just the start.

As I said, she did not have a ton of free time, yet she found the time by leveraging team support, by following the process, and by applying the tools that are available. 

It can be done and she proved it.

She was an excellent student and was able to accomplish significant success in a very short time. 

It has been truly inspiring to watch Susan succeed in this business. 

She has motivated others to join her in the network marketing business through her energy, focus, belief and commitment. People want to join her and be a member of her team.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone succeed. 

Susan has not only helped herself, but she has also improved the lives of so many others as well.

Today she is thriving with a growing team, has already reaching the first leadership level in her first 12 weeks and is generating additional income for her and her family. 

She has the potential to make six-figure income from her business and is well on the way to reaching this goal.

And Susan is only one example of the many people who succeed in this business.

Do you feel impressed and inspired by Susan’s story? 

Does it create interest in pursuing such a business, one that has so many benefits?

If it does, then maybe we should talk. 

You can text me at 613-601-5601 or email me at:

Be like Susan and start to live your dream life. You deserve it!

And as Zig Ziglar says: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

About the author 

Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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