2 Key Things on How to Become A Winner

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How you define being a winner will vary from one person to the next but for me it’s setting out to do something and achieving it no matter what gets in my way.

And the key to being a winner to be quite honest is to think like one.  And not just to think like one for a single day, but every day of your life.  You wake up thinking like a winner, you work thinking like a winner and you go asleep at night thinking like a winner.

The idea of positive mental attitude has taken new form in the Law of Attraction and is something I believe in quite strongly and have seen it’s effects in my own life.  But positive thinking isn’t enough and that’s the point of failure most people reach very quickly.

Let me explain in simple terms:  Intention without action is pointless.

Or, in other words, thinking positive thoughts isn’t going to be enough – you need to take action to make those thoughts, a reality.  All of your dream books and positive intent cannot and will not produce results without action on your part.

Look at anyone who has achieved amazing results in their lives.  Not just at their achievements but at the years of training, rehearsal and just plain old fashioned hard work they put into it.

So make sure to do these 2 key things to become a winner: Combine a positive mental attitude with taking continuous actions towards what you want to achieve.

And, in the words of a true genius:

“I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

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