Give The Gift of Gratitude

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Give the gift of gratitude this year and I guarantee you, it will you bring more joy than anything else you give. 

I know I have written about this before but at this time of year, it is so appropriate as we spend time with friends and family over the holiday season.  Unfortunately, we are experiencing restrictions again because of COVID in how we travel and congregate.  

It seems like it’s ‘Groundhog Day’, all over again!

This year I am truly thankful to be with my daughter, granddaughter and son in the US for Christmas.  Last year we were not able to do that.

But for many, Christmas can be a sad and difficult time.  

That is why we need to be thankful with what we can do this time of year, for who we can be with, and for the people that made a difference in our life.

We can still show appreciation even if the number of people we can meet up with and travel opportunities are reduced.

Recently, I was advised that a colleague and good friend of mine was in palliative care.  This is so devastating for him and his family.  

Having lost my father and sister to cancer, as well as many close friends, I know what they are going through.

I reached out to him because I wanted to tell him how thankful I was to have been in business with him.  I was truly grateful for his leadership and inspiration over the years.  He helped me in so many ways to grow my business. 

And even though we went our separate ways in business, we remained good friends and business colleagues to this day.

I can’t change what is happening to him, or to others,  but I can certainly be thankful and appreciative for the relationship I had developed with him as well as  others.  I can let them all know what they meant to me.  

Being genuine and appreciative with people is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

So this is the time to reflect and be thankful for all the people who have helped you and been there for you  – family, friends and colleagues.  

That is really what Christmas is all about – giving the gift of gratitude.  

Have you reached out to thank those that have made a difference in your life?  

p.s.  I’m also very grateful to have been part of giving back to this amazing child, Dara who desperately needed a special wheelchair.


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