Are You An Influencer?

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Are you an Influencer?

I was at a recent high level leadership training that focused on taking your business to the next level.  During the 4 days, the speaker talked about the fact to go to the next level you have to become an ‘influencer’.  

The point he was making was that you have a bigger role to play if you want to expand your business exponentially.

Influence is defined as “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Influence is the most powerful resource or capability one can have.  Nothing is more valuable or more contributing than influence. Nothing can make a more dramatic impact than influence.

Never mistake the power of influence.” – Jim Rohn

The most successful people in the world are ‘influencers’.   Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Oprah Winfrey, Grant Cardone and many more.

An influencer is more than a leader.  But you have to be a leader before you can be an influencer.

So what is an influencer then?

Well, there are many ways to describe an influencer, and I have already described one characteristic.  An influencer is a leader, first.

But more importantly, an influencer has access to a large audience and can influence others by virtue of their authenticity, respect, trust, credibility, genuineness, reach and access to others.

Influencers solve problems, create action, momentum and results through their energy  They don’t need motivation. They are the first ones to step up and say “I got this.”

Influencers impact your thinking and actions.

“Influence is having people follow you because of what you represent.” – Paul Larsen

Influencers today know how to maximize use social media.  Why because it allows them to extend their reach and access.

How do they use social media?

They create content that goes viral.  They launch conversations. They use hashtags to build their community. They celebrate achievements, create contests, announce events, do interviews and podcasts.  

And what is the result of being an influencer?

People want to join you, learn from you, be part of your team.  You will have greater growth, results and revenue. You will be sought after.  You will have credibility and a strong following.

You will touch many others, meaning you will be more ‘others-centred’ vs ‘self-centred’.

So make a decision to step up to a higher level.  Make a decision to become not just a leader but an influencer, today!

Become a person of influence and you become a person who creates results.– Success Magazine

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