6 Important Habits of 6-Figure Income Earners

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It is entirely possible to earn a six-figure income through the network marketing business model or even a home-based business. When you earn money doing what you love and through residual income, you’ll gain freedom you can’t get any other way.

Being financially secure is also a major benefit of the network marketing profession and starting your own business, as you won’t be relying on someone else for your income or financial well being.

If you want to reap the biggest benefits, you need to adopt the right habits. As a business coach in Ottawa, I help people achieve success by starting businesses and adopting habits that will help them grow.

Read Personal Growth and Motivational Books

One of the best habits you can get into is reading 10 pages from a personal growth or motivational book every day. There are a huge variety of these books available that are full of excellent advice and suggestions for even niche businesses.

Reading these books gives you the opportunity to learn from experts and others who have found success. They will give you advice for running an effective business and help you find new ways to stay motivated and grow as a business leader. 

Listen to Success Coaches While Running Errands

Success and business coaches usually have audio versions of their books or podcasts, which makes learning from them extremely easy. Listen to them while you run errands or as you travel to meet clients.

This is another way to learn from the best and can help you understand what kinds of practices lead to success. What better way to learn than to listen to what has worked for others?

Carve Out Time Exclusively for Income-Producing Activities 

Running your own business takes focus and time, so carve out time in your schedule just for working on income-producing activities. As a network marketing professional/ business owner, there are tasks that just come with the job, but that don’t directly lead to income. Some examples of these tasks would be answering emails, bookkeeping and keeping records.

However, if you don’t set aside time to do things like meet with potential clients, work on strategic plans or produce products, your income will suffer. To make sure these vital tasks get done, schedule time for them in your calendar.

Use Your Time Productively

Carving out time for income-producing activities means using your time productively and being willing to sacrifice things like entertainment, television and other non-income producing activities.

Of course, you are working to earn residual income so you’ll have more time for yourself, family and hobbies, but you still need to be willing to put the required work and time into starting up your business and getting to the point where you earn income repeatedly for a single effort.

Set and Achieve Lofty Goals

The most successful business owners push themselves and do what it takes to succeed. Get in the habit of setting lofty goals and then planning to achieve them. You can set some large, overall goals for your business but you should also set some benchmark goals on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to do this is to set aside some time each week or month to set some goals that will help your business grow and help you increase your income. Make sure these goals are challenging but realistic and can be measured.

A good example of this kind of goal would be: “This month I will land three new clients and raise my income by x percent.” This is detailed, measurable and will help your business grow and lead to a higher income.

Don’t Let Fear Take Over

Fear is one of the most paralyzing and destructive emotions and can inhibit you from being successful. As a new business owner or network marketer, it’s not uncommon to be anxious, uneasy or even afraid. However, when you let this fear take over you will cripple your efforts and success.

Adopt a habit of being optimistic, focused and strategic. These characteristics will help you stop fear in its tracks so you can focus on making your business work and reap the benefits of an income that brings you new levels of flexibility.

To be successful business owner or leader, you need to form habits that lead to success. These six important habits will help you gain control of your goals, reach higher levels of success and even increase your income.

If you are interested in getting one-on-one help with your business, contact me. I’m a business coach that focuses on helping people start businesses that produce income from day one.

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