3 Elements You Need to Lead the Life You Want

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Have you ever been asked if you are living the life you want?  I have.

Many people are surprised at the question and really do not know how to answer it.  Some avoid answering it while others get defensive and state emphatically that of course they are.   

But are they really?

To answer that question you really have to know what kind of life you want to live, first. This means you may have to do some soul searching and careful thought because if you do not know, then you will never live it.

A few years ago, I decided to make some changes to my life in order to live the life that I wanted.

Here was the scenario. Moving every 1-3 years because of Jeff’s military career kept us in constant chaos – uprooting the kids, finding new schools, buying a house or selling a house, fitting in to the new environment and when we were in Europe, even having to learn a new language! 

So you can imagine that my career always took a hit. Finally when we moved back to Canada, I had to find something meaningful to do, that was flexible, portable and still provided me with the same income I was used to having from my last corporate job.

These changes were really based on 3 main elements that I wanted in my life.


I wanted to be passionate about what I was doing.  I wanted to feel energized and motivated all the time.  I wanted to be excited and jump out of bed, each and every morning.  Did I have that at the time? No, and therefore I had to make changes if I wanted to have it. And it meant taking a leap of faith.

Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.”  – Michael Schumacher


I wanted to feel grateful for what I was doing.  I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  I knew this would give me great joy.  As Robert A. Emmons states in Success Magazine, “gratitude amplifies the good in our lives, it rescues us from chronic negativity, and it connects us with others, strengthening all of our relationships. So I wanted to be grateful every day, for the benefit of myself, my colleagues, my family, my friends and those in need.

Gratitude is our best weapon, an ally to counter these internal and external threats that rob us of sustainable joy.” – Tony Rehagen


Finally, I wanted to be in control of my life and not controlled by others. I wanted to be able to set up my daily schedule the way I wanted it and to have the flexibility to do that. I did not want to be in a 9-5 routine.  I wanted to have time with my children when they were young, to be there for them in the mornings and when they came home from school.  I wanted to make the decisions affecting my life!

Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

There are many people in life who have some of these elements in their life.

My husband, for example, was a military pilot.  He was passionate about flying, he was grateful for serving his country and helping others, but he did not have control of his life.  They told him what aircraft he would fly, where to live, what job to do, and so forth.  He didn’t have all of the 3 elements I talk about above until he joined me in my lifestyle businesses.  

Today, I am so passionate about my business, helping others improve their situations.  I am grateful that my business is making a difference and has purpose. And I am so appreciative to be in control of what I am doing every day.  To have the flexibility to do what I want to do.

That’s why this past week, I was enjoying the warm waters of South Florida while at the same time, fulfilling my passion and living the life I always wanted!

So if you want to live the life you want, identify the elements you want in your life and set a plan of action to attain them!  

You deserve it!  Do it now!

I’m here to help, just drop me a line.


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Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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