9 Hour Work Week Blueprint

Your Path to Freedom and Fulfilment

Embark on a Transformational 5-Week Journey!

Starting May 8th, join us for a thrilling 5-week group coaching program designed to revolutionize your work and life.

We're not just offering a program; we're providing a roadmap to reshape your future.

What the program offers

  • Link Your Vision, Goals & Dreams: Align your work and life with purpose by identifying your why and top 3 core values 
  • Master Your Mindset: Break free from mind blocks and limiting beliefs hindering your journey to your dream life.
  • Unleash Your Side Hustle Superpower: Dive into strategies for multiple income streams, applying leverage for financial stability and abundance.
  • Create Your 9-Hour Work Week Strategy: Craft a step-by-step profit plan with intentional actions to keep you on track.
  • Implement The MAC Method & Secrets to Time Freedom: Discover productivity secrets to achieve more in less time, unlocking the coveted 9-hour work week. Fast-track cash flow and create assets for more freedom, fun, and peace of mind.

This program isn't just about work - it's about lifestyle!

It's time to create a life filled with joy, fulfilment, and the freedom to live on your terms.

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What others are saying...

Joanne Savoie-Malone, Founder & Mentor, Power Play Career

“Deborah is a dedicated advocate for women's financial empowerment, offering her expertise through the transformative 9-hour work week blueprint 5-week workshop.”

"What sets her approach apart is her emphasis on foundational principles, starting with identifying our values—a crucial step that has profoundly impacted my daily perspective.

Beyond that, she guided me in setting concrete goals and cultivating an abundant mindset, equipping me with invaluable tools and resources for my journey.

Deborah's blend of knowledge, warmth, and sassiness creates an engaging and effective learning environment. But what truly sets her apart is her commitment to her students' success.

She doesn't just impart wisdom and move on; she follows up diligently to ensure that her teachings are not only understood but also implemented.

With Deborah in your corner, you're not just gaining a mentor—you're gaining a dedicated ally in your pursuit of wealth, fulfillment, and FREEDOM!"

Stacey Broder -
Life & Business Solutions Consultant

“I now know how to take the 9-Hour Work Week from just a dream to my reality!”

"Before this course, I had so many ideas and not enough time or focus to bring any of them to life. During these 5 weeks, we’ve worked on getting clear on the life I want to lead.

We identified which passive income opportunities would work best with what I currently have in motion and matched the opportunities that most light me up which resulted in an action plan that I can start implementing right away.

It feels amazing to for once have a clear path from Point A to B - thank you so much!!"

Judy Adolf - Fit Freedom Beach Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“The timing was perfect, as I was feeling very stagnant, and not really knowing how to get my creativity and inspiration back again.”

"I want to thank you so much for this great Master Class. The step-by-step workbook that you created is fabulous.

The whole thing is a collection of knowledge, skills, and insights that you have personally collected and created over time, and used to get you to where you are today, and is all in one very helpful place. Each week guides me into what really are my next steps.

This class definitely got me out of my comfort zone, realizing 'that place' was not going to make any dreams come to fruition. I started to think again about qualities that I have are a gift that I need to share with the world.

It gave me new ideas as to how I can implement them in my business and having fun doing it at the same time. I've already recieved positive, interested responses from people I have interacted with.

I am updating my dream-board and creating a daily schedule to be consistent & stay on track. Overall, I am thrilled to experience this great workshop you have created."

Marcy Schacter -  Wellness LIfestyle Entrepreneur, Blockchain Educator & Writer

“Deborah has become one of my greatest mentors for business and success in my life”

"I have had the great honor of being in such a deep connection with her vision and passion that has ultimately helped me to define mine.

Her 9 Hr Work Week Blueprint Masterclass is the catalyst behind my success and I highly recommend this 5 week class. 

Deborah is one of the most generous and compassionate humans I have ever known and I can heartily recommend her to anyone who has a dream and wants to know the road map and tools to help them arrive at their ultimate destination!"

Genevieve McAdam - Founder & Creative Director at Vive Studios

“Deborah MacDonald has many years of experience in creating and manifesting a dream lifestyle, and she’s living proof!”

"Her tactics and strategies are thoughtfully implemented. She shows first hand how we have it in ourselves to attain our goals and obtain time freedom through various methods of diversifying our income sources and asset allocation.

She is very motivating and encouraging and was and still is available to chat and share ideas. It was great connecting with like minded women during our weekly calls.

Thanks to The 9-Hour Work Week Blueprint, I’ve started 2024 with a clear vision for what I want to achieve in my future."

Have questions?  Book a quick call with me
to see if this program is right for you