Why is there a stigma around direct selling (MLM or network marketing)?

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We often hear the bad news around MLM (network marketing) before we hear the good news!  The stigma around network marketing (MLM) is always lingering.  Let’s talk about it, so you can address it with potential business prospects considering this lucrative opportunity.  So why is the stigma there?

  1. Certain people abused the business model over the years
  2. Many people started this business based on money and greed
  3. Misunderstanding of how the direct selling (MLM or network marketing) business model works
  4. People were told what to do and thought it was the right thing, however, ended up being disappointed
  5. New enrollees believed in the person who sponsored them, but found out they were inexperienced
  6. The direct selling company was poorly managed and went bankrupt
  7. The products were not unique enough
  8. The systems were not turnkey enough
  9. Promises were made, but not kept

I  am sure you know of many more reasons, however, if you do your due diligence, as you would for any other business venture, I am sure you will find the right MLM company that will provide you with a solid business and be worthy of your time.  See my next blog on 3 Great Reasons to Choose a MLM (Network Marketing) Business

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