Why I Fell In Love With Mexico: A Journey Beyond Investment

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Embarking on the journey of investing in Mexico was a strategic decision driven by business and financial considerations.

However, the true magic of this vibrant country revealed itself in ways I hadn’t anticipated—through a profound personal connection that goes beyond monetary gains.

On my vision board, a sunny escape from the cold winters of Canada was a recurring dream. Mexico, with its warm climate, emerged as the perfect answer to this yearning.

But it wasn’t just about the weather; it was about the ocean.

Growing up in land-locked Alberta and later living along the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, the allure of ocean waves had always been inexplicable yet irresistible.

Puerto Vallarta, with its serene Pacific shores and picturesque beaches, not only met this requirement but exceeded it with the majestic backdrop of the Sierra Madres.

It wasn’t until I discovered the intricate web of ley lines intersecting Puerto Vallarta that the connection deepened. These mystical veins of magnetic vitality created an indescribable feeling of belonging, resonating with my inner self in ways I had never experienced.

Yet, beyond the geographical charm, it was the community that truly captured my heart.

The warmth of the Mexican people and the camaraderie among expats transformed my winters from a period of isolation to a season of vibrant energy and cordiality.

In real estate, the mantra is “location, location, location,” and for me, this extends beyond physical coordinates.

It applies to where one feels comfortable, safe, and embraced by both community and surroundings.

Mexico, for all its imperfections, offers a tapestry of positives—from its inviting climate to the sense of belonging within a lively community.

As I reflect on my decision, I am not just content; I am overjoyed.

Puerto Vallarta is not just a location; it’s a realization of a vision and a dream—a dream that has finally come true.


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