What Are Your 5 Personal Core Values?

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I just returned from a fabulous week in Edmonton visiting family and checking in on my rental income properties.  Being there really got me thinking about my core values and how they have impacted my success in business and in life.  

About 10 years ago I went through a personal development course with the company I was working with and one of the exercises was to identify our core values.  The trainer gave us a list of 100 values and we had to choose the top 10 that resonated with us.   Afterwards, we broke it down to the top 5 personal core values.   Recently, I was re-introduced to this exercise by my good friend, Marie Seabrook, Owner of GAL Golf Leagues for Women, who attended a course last year, that had a similar core values exercise.  As we shared our values with each other, we found that everything we had done in our lives, the goals we had set and the decisions we made,  were highly influenced by these underlying core values.  So, knowing and understanding your core values plays a pivitol role in what your life and business is like so far and is critical to your future, especially as you make big decisions!

With this in mind, I would like to share my core values with you!

My first one is FAMILY.  

October 2010

I have known for a long time that this was the case, but it was even more evident as I spent time in Edmonton last week.  Here’s one of my Facebook posts during the trip.   “I spent time with my Mom and her friend Doris over a coffee.  These two women are amazing – very sharp, very fit and very funny, especially with their jokes and sense of humor. My mom is 85 (almost 86) and Doris is 93 – what amazing spunky women of wisdom who are so full of life! We have so much to learn from this generation.”  And, coming up in May, is my daughter’s wedding!  Another family affair! 

So…if FAMILY is one of your core values, make sure to spend time with them.  There is so much to learn from our children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, aunts and great friends…who are like FAMILY!  I know, many of you may be saying, but…you don’t know MY family.  You’re right, I don’t.  What I do know is that despite any past issues, family is important. I highly recommend you find a way to communicate some of your feelings to them and not let things go unsaid.  I have an amazing relationship with my family and, I decided a few years ago that I wanted to make it even better. That is why I call my Mom everyday and make every moment with her count.   

Here are my other core values:  

HEALTH – Physical and psychological well being, vigor, strength

SPIRITUALITY – Beliefs, meaning of life/existence, faith, existentialism

FREEDOM – Able to move about without bounds or restraints, liberty

INTEGRITY – Beliefs and actions are congruent, being true to who you are, doing what you say 

Here’s a FREEBIE for you!  Marie introduced me to the online Core Value Calculator.  Go there now – it’s so easy and fun to use!  Then post your Core Values on your vision board or wherever you want to be reminded of them!  

I would love to hear what your core values are and how they have impacted your life.  Please comment below!

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