Warm Leads Tapped Out?

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Warm Leads Tapped Out?  What next?  

We all know what a cold lead is:  The contact won’t budge.  Or worse, hangs up!  You know what a hot lead is:  The contact is eager to know more.  Hooray!  Warm leads, however, need more support before making a decision.  That support could mean getting an opinion from a friend or researching the item online.

Lead Generation Builds Businesses  

You have a number of ways to build your business by turning warm leads into hot leads.  First, learn your customer’s needs and desires—a very powerful force.  Then show how your product meets them.  Start questioning:  Clarify issues; address concerns; present benefits.  Finally, don’t be shy and ask for the sale.

If you market your business online, present yourself through newsletters, blogs, e-mail contacts, and social media.  By building a relationship, a warm lead gradually feels more comfortable with you and your offerings.  The effort also keeps you top of mind.

If you market through networking, be a good listener.  At events, subtly identify the quality of a lead; engage your contact without being salesy.  Offer solutions and help, not products or services.  On any leads you make, follow up quickly.

If you make cold calls (I dread them too), prepare your presentation so you can quickly deliver a value-laden pitch. After you identify a warm lead, maintain contact without being overwhelming.  Consider offering a discount or coupon and add a sense of urgency.  It just might change a warm lead and into a hot one.

Action Steps

  • Identify the needs and desires of your leads.  Emotion is a huge factor in making any sale.
  • Build relationships. In the end, it pays off directly or indirectly. Your warm lead may even refer you to a hot lead.
  • Stress benefits, benefits, benefits.


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