Three Top Team Building Tips for Network Marketers

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Building a successful and profitable network marketing business is all about having a large organization of team members.  It’s your job as their leader to get them started the right way and by implementing these three top team building tips, you will all collectively reap the rewards!

1.  Instill Belief

Your team members come from all walks of life with different skill levels, and, even though they did their due diligence before embarking on a network marketing home business, their belief level will not be as strong as yours.

They need to build an unshakeable belief in the company, the products and mostly in themselves, otherwise they will be affected by any resistance that comes up in their prospecting efforts. Encourage them to be a product of the product, to embrace the company philosophy, to plug in to conference training calls and personal development opportunities (literature, videos, cd’s, etc) and to believe they can be a top business builder and achieve their goals and dreams.  Showing your appreciation and recognition of their efforts goes a long way!

2.  Provide Support

Lack of support is one of the reasons team members quit, so providing support is critical.  However, a word of caution, you’d don’t want to go over board on support.  There will be times when you want success for your team members more than they want it for themselves, so it’s easy to do the work for them. This will not empower them to be the the business builder they need to be. Instead, provide them with regular guidance and direction they need to become leaders themselves and reduce the dependency on you.  As the reason for this business vehicle is to gain more freedom in our lives, this process will benefit you and your team members very well.

Foster good habits and you develop great leaders through your example. Coach them to play to their strengths and to invest in learning in areas they need help with. Some of your team members will be self starters and not need as much support and others will need to be guided, taught and shown in greater detail. Identify their needs and lead with empowerment, rather than doing the work for them.

3.  Teach How to Leverage

What I mean here is to teach and train them how to use the company tools, presentations and 3 way validation calls. Remember, this type of turnkey business includes all the tools, products, pricing, online websites, marketing systems and materials that are done for you.  All they have to do is promote it in the 5 to 10 + hours per week they put into it.

In summary, this business model, when built over one to three years on a part-time basis can generate a 5, 6 or 7 figure income depending on the individual’s desire, determination and belief, but the secret lies in how much each team member uses the system and the tools.

Simplicity and leverage are the name of the game, so use these three top team building tips for network marketers and watch your team grow and prosper!

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