NO. It’s Not Negotiable.

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In order to be successful in a home based business, a network marketing business, or an internet marketing business, there are certain things that are definitely not negotiable.

What does this mean?

Well it means there are certain activities, attitudes, actions, etc., that you have to do or show every day.  In other words, they are not negotiable. You cannot do it one day and not do it the next.

I recall when I first started in my home business  over 10 years ago, my mentor encouraged me to treat it like a business even though it was part time.  And she also insisted on daily activities that were not negotiable and she was absolutely right – the minute I took my focus off the non-negotiables, my business started to slow down.

So, please remember, this is a business whether it is part time or full time for you.  And therefore it has to be treated as a business, not as a hobby, or a passing interest.

I guarantee that if you treat it as a hobby you will never attract anyone to you or for that matter grow your business.


Because a marketing business is a relationship business and people are only attracted to committed people who walk the walk – people who do what they say they will do and who lead by example.

“You don’t lead by lip service, you lead by example.”Jim Leyland

So lets look at some things that are not negotiable in your home-based/ network/ internet marketing business.

1.  You have to be positive.

Maybe this is obvious to you and maybe it isn’t.  No one wants to be around Ms Whiner, or Mr Complainer.  They want to be around positive, fun people who are encouraging and supporting.  So be that type of person who sees the glass half full rather than half empty. 

Yes there will be setbacks in the business, but by staying positive you will get through them and your team will be motivated by your attitude.

2.  You have to be focused. 

In these types of businesses, you can not be wishy washy.  You have to be focused on the big picture and where you want to go. This will inspire others on your team. It also means that you maintain a strong belief in what you are doing.  Finally it will help you in being totally compelling with your story and your why!

3.  You have to continue to grow yourself. 

Life is a journey and so is your home-based/ network/ internet marketing business.  You do not know everything and probably do not have all the skills necessary to succeed. 

So personal growth and business knowledge are two important areas for you to work on. You may have to get better at prospecting, whether its in person or online.  

4.  You have to be a walking, talking testimonial. 

This means you have to be using the products or service every day, and able to articulate the benefits. By doing so, you can relate easily how it  has impacted your life as well as the lives of others.  Bottom-line, you are the best marketer of your business! 

It’s like buying a car. If the salesman does not own a car from the dealership he is selling from, does that give you confidence in what he is saying about the vehicle he is trying to sell to you?  I don’t think so. I certainly would not be interested in any product or service that the individual is trying to sell me on, if that person is not using it him or herself.

5.  You have to plug in.

This is so important.  You have to plug in to what is available to help you with your business.  This means attending company conventions, training events, and company calls, either in person, on-line or by phone.  It means participating in company incentives. It means applying the system.

Today there are so many ways of doing this. But you have to do it.  You have to use the system and the tools the company provides as well as social media to promote your business.

6.  You have to communicate, daily. 

Finally, you have to communicate.  This means being able to talk effectively to your team, your coach and your prospects. With your prospects and your growing team, you have to be able to hear what they are really saying and to ask more questions. Remember, it is about them, not you.   

With your mentor, you have to seek advice and guidance. That means being prepared when you speak with them – they are busy and have more people seeking their attention than just you.  So use the time with them wisely.

So there you have it. If you want to succeed in business you have to have non-negotiables. Some are related to your personality and character such as integrity, belief, positivity, commitment, and dedication.  Some are related to activities and skills, such as personal growth, communication, and using the tools.

No matter what they are, the non-negotiables will determine how you act and perform, each day. 

So think carefully about them and decide what your non-negotiables for your home-based/ network/ internet marketing business are.  You will definitely have better success by knowing what they are and by applying them consistently.

“Either you run the day, or it runs you.” – Jim Rohn

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Deborah MacDonald

After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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