Hot Off The Press! New Acquisition. New Products. New President.

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Hot off the press… new acquisition, new products, new president.

When it comes to new acquisitions and such, I’m always skeptical unless there is enough proof that this will make a difference in the growth of my teams and their incomes.

After being in this industry for 18 successful years and building passive residual income, and evaluating the acquisition, I’m confident this merger will benefit my team and the overall growth of the company.

No one knows for sure that everything is going to work out… no guarantees as they say. 

However, I’m truly resonating with the merger, the new president and I already love the additional products that will be available in our product assortment.

So, if you’re curious, check out the press release and our new products below.

My team and I are excited to bring hemp and wellness to the world and to be the positive change that is so much needed in today’s environment. 


We are excited to announce that Kannaway and Mfinity Global are uniting! These two dynamic and innovative distributor organizations are coming together to create industry-leading global growth.

And the good news: the top selling and performing products from both companies are now available to all US – based distributors and their customers and international markets will follow soon!

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Let’s connect to see if this is a good option for you on how to become an entrepreneur and build a side biz!  Book a call with me here.

Working together as a team is a whole lot better as we bring positive change to the world!


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