Here’s To Eggnog, Family, and Friends!

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I’ve found that I am very nostalgic this holiday season. Perhaps it’s the fact that my children are growing up entirely too fast (or maybe it’s just the eggnog!), but for the past few weeks I keep returning to Christmases of the past and reflecting on my life as a whole. Being one of four siblings you might expect that I would feel a bit left out or even overlooked. But my parents, who were self-employed, were wonderful at building a healthy family relationship pillar. As a result, I am now totally enamored with life and the wonderful people I have met along the way. It would be impossible to choose a single favourite Christmas memory to share with you, because as far back as I can remember, each one has been fantastic! However, tonight as I sit here reminiscing, one keeps returning to the forefront of my mind.

We were at St. Peters in Rome and my mother was visiting us from Edmonton. It was standing room only and the entire crowd was entranced as we listened to the inspiring words of the Pope. I looked around, taking in the scene, aware of the fact that it would be a moment I would never forget. On my left, and only a few steps away, I spotted our friends (and landlord from our Napoli villa), Filomena and Michele Diana. Immediately after the service we met with hugs and kisses, amazed that in this crowd of thousands we had found one another! After 3 years in Italy the Diana’s had become members of our extended family. It was a wonderful reunion filled with the type of holiday celebration that Italians are famous for. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in Italia and meet so many wonderful people who quickly went from friends to family.

To all of you who have touched my life in ways you couldn’t even imagine, Thank You and I send my very best wishes to you and your loved ones. I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for you!

Please share your favourite Christmas memories with me in the comments. I love to read those truly heartwarming stories!

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