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Giving Back

Your success can change someone’s life.

Social Business Model

Business is no longer about increasing your bottom line at any cost; it is about building a business that allows you to live your passion with a greater purpose, where your success means the lives of others are positively impacted. A business where you are driven to succeed not only for yourself, but for those you are helping.

This “social entrepreneurship” business model is the ultimate win-win! There really is no better feeling than giving back.

That’s why I consider myself a social entrepreneur.

Through our “buy 1, nourish 2” approach, we are making an impact in the fight against childhood malnutrition and poor health. It’s simple: when our business flourishes, more children in need are fed – and the need is truly great.

Malnutrition is the biggest cause of poor development and death in children today; over 6 million children die annually from malnutrition.

To date, we have fed over 15 million children.

To those 15 million children, and the many more who will continue to be fed as a result of our success, the impact is profound.

But the impact on us is profound, too – we are filled with purpose, and a sense of gratitude that we are able to do something we love while helping those in need.

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