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With the holiday season getting closer and closer, you’re probably busy with travel plans, holiday discounts, special promotions, content creation and other things that come with holiday marketing.

But, in the chaos that comes with this time of year, don’t neglect your team. Your team members need to feel supported during the holidays. They need to know they are a valuable part of your business and that you are aware of their contributions.

There are all kinds of ways you can boost your team’s morale during the holidays, and as you do this, you’ll be strengthening your team and benefitting your entire business.

Add Some Holiday Ambience

If you have an office, decorate it for the holidays. Hang some lights, wreathes, signs and décor that get people in the spirit. Play some holiday music and set out some holiday treats in the break room or during lunch to bring some festivity to the office.

If you don’t have an office, but instead are a team of professionals who work from home, bring some holiday ambience to your team meetings. Set up a centerpiece and bring holiday-themed refreshments and beverages.

Hold some Holiday Competitions

Get people talking and mix things up a little by holding some holiday competitions. When you meet with your team, have an ugly sweater contest or cookie bake off to get people in a festive spirit and brighten up regular meetings.

You can also use competitions to help your team refocus and push holiday promotions. Reward the team member with the most sales or divide into two groups to see who can generate the most leads. This is a great way to get more business during slower months while still building unity.

Cater a Lunch or Dinner

One of the most simple yet effective ways you can bring the holidays to your team while building unity and friendship is to cater a lunch or dinner for them. Do this during office hours or host a special dinner when you aren’t working. This is an easy way to say “thank you” and to give back to your employees. Who doesn’t love conversation with friends over a good meal?

Host a Family Holiday Party

But, don’t leave your employees’ families out! The holidays are a time for families, and getting team members’ loved ones involved is a great way to thank them. Host a party during the holiday season and be sure to provide lots of food, activities, décor and chances to visit to get kids and their parents involved.

This is the perfect time to thank your team and recognize them for their efforts. You can even take this up a notch by holding an awards ceremony (serious or silly) and giving guests favors as a thank you for their hard work.

Don’t Skip Bonuses

When the holidays are here, everyone appreciates a bonus. Providing a holiday bonus is another way to say “thank you” but it’s also a generous gift that can help pay for children’s presents, travel expenses and holiday extras. This simple gesture shows your team you’re mindful of them and their needs and want to take care of them when money can be tight.

In many businesses, holiday bonuses are an expectation; so failing to offer one could actually hurt your reputation and relationship with employees when you disappoint your team.

Make Time-Off Flexible

Since the holidays are often family-centric, make time off flexible during this time of year. This doesn’t mean you have to give people extra holiday hours or that you shouldn’t hold them accountable. But, being understanding when people want to take extended time off or being willing to adjust deadlines to accommodate holiday travel is an excellent way to boost team morale.

Gestures like this show your business’ human side, and can give you a positive reputation and help you strengthen relationships with your employees. They also help you all achieve the ultimate freedom lifestyle you’re looking for.

Give Personal Thank-You Notes

Finally, one of the most meaningful things you can do for your team members during the holidays is give them personal thank-you notes. Take some time to recognize each person for his or her contributions and write a personalized note expressing your appreciation.

This kind of thank-you means more than a generic Christmas card or holiday favour and tells your team that you recognize what they do and appreciate their efforts all year.

Boosting holiday morale during the coming weeks is important because it will help your team become more unified and help you build relationships that will make you a more successful team. Taking the time to appreciate your team also inspires them to reach their fullest potential all year, which benefits everyone.

If you need help this holiday season creating a strategic business plan or setting goals for next year, contact me. I’m a business coach and help all kinds of leaders be successful.