Are You a Go-Getter or a Go-Giver?

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These terms are used more and more now ever since Bob Burg and John David Mann wrote the books “The Go-Giver” and “Go-Givers Sell More”.  If you have not read them, I highly recommend that you do.

So why read these books? 

A lot of us have trouble with selling, and it is because too often we are only focused on the outcome – the sell or the close.  In other words we are focused on getting something for ourselves.

In contrast, these books build on the concept that it is better to give than it is to get. That giving is more fulfilling and satisfying, and by giving you will be more successful in your business.

In a nutshell, Go-Getters are people who want to get something from others, while  Go-Givers are ones who want to give something to others.  It is then obvious that a Go-Getter will use a different approach or process than a Go-Giver.

So what are the main points that Burg and Mann emphasized in their books?

Well number one, most people think of sales backward. 

In the network marketing business, many people think that they have to ‘sell’ people to either use the products as a customer or join the business as a member or builder.  Therefore, they speak in a way that provides reasons from the business or product point of view.  They speak as a Go-Getter.  This will generally not work.  As Burg and Mann said, ‘Selling is giving: giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy and value.’

Shifting your focus from getting to giving is not only a nice way to live life and conduct business, but a very profitable way as well.”  ~ Bob Burg & John David Mann, Authors of The Go-Giver

Really, providing value is the key point. 

This means understanding how the business or products will help the prospect personally.  That means you have to develop a relationship and understanding of the persons’ needs, issues and concerns, and offer value/solution to them.  This is giving something to them that will be of worthwhile benefit or value, and presenting it in that way.  You need to touch their life by showing compassion and adding value. 

That is what a Go-Giver does.

You have to be authentic in what you are doing. 

Now what does that mean?  Well it means being true to yourself and not being something or someone else.  People can see through you very quickly.  By truly caring about the other person, you will demonstrate authenticity.

How do we show that we care about the other person? 

By being present, asking questions and listening to what they say, when we are with them. 

When we present to a prospect, we have to make a connection with the individual.  Many times this is through our own personal stories.  Stories help us to connect with the individual.  The story can be triggered by the individual through the questions you ask.  The person may hate their job, be struggling with something, be going through something, be financially strapped, etc.  These can all lead to a personal story that connects you with the individual.

“Facts tell, stories sell.’” ~ Bob Burg & John David Mann, Authors of Go-Givers Sell More

The connection is so important. 

While, the questions and responses provide insight into what the individual needs or wants, your story provides a connection that they can relate to.   The connection makes you authentic in their eyes.

Remember that by asking questions and listening to their responses, this demonstrates genuine interest in the individual.  You are honouring them, by being inquisitive.  You are being present.

Go-Givers, unlike Go-Getters, avoid the hype and verbal diarrhea that normally goes with any presentation that explains how great, wonderful, state-of-the-art the business is and/or the products are.  Instead they are focused on establishing a relationship with the individual learning about them.  By doing so they can determine what they have to ‘give’ to the individual.

The last point I want to refer to about Go-Givers is the approach they take. 

Go-Givers treat the individual as a partner in the process, rather than as a passive person, one who is only on the receiving end.   This means that you are willing to give the person the benefit of the doubt, that this may not be for them.  This is also a way to show your respect for them. 

Go-Getters on the other hand, are pressuring the prospect, reiterating why they should be in the business and using the products, being relentless with closing the sale.  It’s like time shares, where you can’t get away from the salesperson, because they continue to sweeten the deal until you cave.  And then after they sign and  leave, they regret what they have done.  You never want your prospect to feel coerced, or regret what they have done.

While I have mentioned some of the key points from the book Go-Givers Sell More, my main purpose was to open your mind on how you approach your prospects. 

By being a Go-Giver rather than a Go-Getter, you will have a much more satisfying experience, and you will be more successful.  It is in all of us to give, so be a giver in your business too!

“The most valuable gift you have to offer, is yourself” – Bob Burg & David Mann, Authors of Go-Givers Sell More

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